Baby Trend Stroller Review – Single and Double Jogging Strollers

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Baby Trend Single Jogger-Phantom

Baby Trend Single Jogger-Phantom. Photo courtesy of

We first began using our Baby Trend Expedition Single Jogger-Phantom when our son was around one.  Up to that point, we’d used a regular travel system stroller and though it worked well, it was bulky and difficult to push over certain types of terrain.  It’s not that my husband and I were major outdoor people but we did visit Zion National Park, (since it’s close to our home in Southern Utah) from time to time as well as a few other state parks in our vicinity and we found the travel system stroller just didn’t provide a very comfortable experience for either us pushing or our son riding.  It wasn’t until I tried out a friend’s jogging stroller that I realized what I’d been missing!  It was much lighter and easier to push and my son was clearly much less jostled on the ride.  From that moment on, I was on a hunt for my own jogger!  I did quite a bit of research on the various brands and models over the next few days and soon had a good idea of what I wanted.  I knew I needed something that was fairly light-weight, had a tray table, good storage, and that was on the lower end of the price scale.  The Baby Trend model was on my list and the more reviews I read, the more I liked it.  The fact that it was also available in one of my local stores, (for about $110) eventually sealed the deal and we headed out to buy one.

Baby Trend Single Jogger-Phantom

My niece in the Baby Trend Single Jogger-Phantom.

Having read many of the customer reviews that were available, I was aware of the Expedition single jogger’s possible downfalls.  One of the biggest concerns that consumer’s had was the front wheel which can be used in either a locked or a swivel position.  I’d read on a number of occasions that when the wheel was in the swivel position it tended to vibrate or shake.  While this wasn’t the case with everyone that used this stroller, I found that we did experience that particular problem.  In addition, when in the unlocked position we discovered the front wheel could also behave erratically when we went over a hole in the road or pushed it over loose gravel.  Both of those problems disappear when in the locked position, and since I actually preferred this to the swivel anyway, it has never bothered me in all the time I used it.  To turn a corner with the wheel in the locked position, I’d simply push down on the handlebars until the front wheel was raised slightly then turn.  Even on long walks, winding paths, or crowded amusement parks, this never caused a problem or inconvenience.

Baby Trend Single Jogger-Phantom Storage

The adult storage and cup holders of the Baby Trend Single Jogger-Phantom. Photo courtesy of

Having addressed that one issue with the stroller, (and one that didn’t bother me) I honestly found nothing else wrong with it.  It was light-weight, folded up easily, fit in the back of my car even with suitcases and luggage, provided good storage, and was comfortable for my son.  When we had our daughter a year ago I began looking for a double jogger.  We had a trip to Disneyland planned and I felt we would need something that would fit both of the kids together.  By the time we actually left for the trip though I still hadn’t purchased one and we ended up taking the single jogger with us instead.  I was pleased to find that although it wasn’t actually designed for two children, it still worked for both of them!  The back of the stroller seat reclines completely so our three-month old was able to lie comfortably in it while the front wheel cover was broad enough for our son to sit on when he got tired of walking.  The five-point harness also kept our tiny daughter from slipping or moving around while she was strapped inside.  The single jogger actually worked so well on that trip that we also took it along when we went on our recent family trip to San Diego, California.  It took both of my kids all over Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, and a variety of other places we visited.

A couple more things I loved about this stroller…  It has a ratcheting sun shade which can be moved to any position to completely shade the child inside; it isn’t attached to the top of the stroller which allows for a wide range of motion.  It also has an adult storage compartment in the handlebars which is large enough for a cell phone and keys and is flanked by a cup holder on either side.  The child’s tray in the front of the stroller also has a cup holder and has a slightly raised edge which keeps snacks from sliding off while the stroller is moving.  The storage compartment underneath the stroller was a good size as well.  I was always able to fit my large diaper bag, sweaters, and sometimes squeeze in an extra souvenir bag or two in there without a problem!

Baby Trend Double Jogger-Skylar

My son, daughter, and niece in the Baby Trend Double Jogger-Skylar.

Although my husband and I (and our kids) really enjoyed this stroller, our soon to be third addition to the family prompted us to finally break down and buy a true double jogger.  The single jogger was handed down to my sister and her little one-year old daughter, and they seem to love it as much as we did!  Since we didn’t have any problems with the Baby Trend brand, it wasn’t a hard decision to go with them again when selecting our double jogger.  I did some more research on the various models and soon chose the Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger-Skylar.  It has a five-star rating on nearly every website I checked and was still on the affordable side of the price range.  I got ours on the Walmart website for less than $200!  Although I’ve read that the same problem exists with the swivel wheel option for this stroller, it’s not something I’ve ever experimented with; I’ve used it in the locked position ever since I got it since it’s the option I still prefer.

I also read in a number of reviews that this stroller was impossible to fit through a standard-sized doorway.  Although it is tight, I have been able to push the stroller through every doorway I’ve encountered.  The trick is to come at the door straight and head-on rather than at an angle; if I’m at too much of an angle when I try to get through I have to back up and straighten out before trying again.  It’s never been an issue though, so once again, I find I don’t have any real complaints with this stroller.  It folds down just as easily as the single jogger and although it does take up more room in the car (it’s a double after all), it’s not as bulky or cumbersome as many others on the market.

Baby Trend Double Jogger-Skylar

The Baby Trend Double Jogger-Skylar. Photo courtesy of

I was concerned at first that this stroller doesn’t have a child’s tray or bar in the front.  There are double strollers on the market that offer that option, but they’re all extremely expensive.  Once the stroller arrived however and we began using it, I found I didn’t miss the tray at all.  The outside panels in both of the seats have a net storage compartment sewn in that is big enough to easily fit a sippy cup or snack, and those have worked out perfectly for my kids.  The storage compartments on the bottom have been just as convenient.  I read that some users found it frustrating that the compartment was split into two sections rather than just one large one, but I haven’t had any problems with that either.  My diaper bag, (which certainly isn’t small) still fits neatly under one seat leaving the compartment on the other side empty and waiting for whatever else I could desire to put in it!  There’s also a net storage bag attached to the back of each seat providing even more room and I haven’t even had to use those yet!

Baby Trend Double Jogger-Skylar Rear Storage

The under-seat and back-of-seat storage compartments of the Baby Trend Double Jogger-Skylar. Photo courtesy of

Like the single jogger, the seats on the double jogger lay back almost completely flat and both still have the five-point harness.  This means that even my little newborn will be able to ride comfortably and safely inside.  We’ve used it so far on outings to the mall, to state parks, and most recently, to our County Fair, and it’s been perfect.  It’s still light-weight and easy to push, has the ratcheting sun shade, does great over gravel and uneven pavement, and the wheel cover is still broad enough to fit another child on when they get tired of walking.  At the fair, my son and daughter rode in the seats of the stroller while my husband’s niece took advantage of the wheel cover from time to time when she was ready for a break!

I honestly have no real complaints about either of these strollers, and my sister feels the same way about the single jogger.  They’ve traveled all over with us, and our double jogger will see many more miles as we get ready to welcome the newest member of our family!

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