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Baby Trend WalkerI know that baby walkers get a bad rap these days, but I still love the Baby Trend walker we bought for our son Christian.  We bought it when he was around 6 months old and were eager to try it out. It has a built in tray and some built in toys to help entertain him. At first he was unable to push himself forward or backward, but he was content just sitting in the harness and played with the toys that were fastened to the tray.

Most articles I’ve read say baby walkers are dangerous, specifically because many babies have pushed themselves down stairs.  First of all, I never leave him in the walker unattended. It also has built in barriers on the bottom to prevent it from going down the stairs.  As soon as either the front or the back wheels happen to fall off an edge, the barriers hold it in position like brake pads.  Another common concern is that walkers can impede their walking development because they don’t learn how to balance themselves. This is a valid concern, however I always give my son plenty of time to play in his Superyard so he can exercise his little leg muscles and practice walking along the gate.  I don’t keep him in the walker for hours, just a very short time to mix things up a bit for him, or if I need to go into the other room.  Plus, he loves it when I push him around and sing to him.  Keeping a close watch on him at all times is very important, and the built in barriers are also good insurance.

Our house is set up so there is a wall in between the living room and the kitchen/dining area.  I always have to keep our son close when I cook or do dishes so I can keep an eye on him.   Initially I bought the walker so I’d have a place to put him while I was in the kitchen, but we found a few other great uses for it!

The Baby Trend walker is very handy to have when I’m either cooking or cleaning in the kitchen.  It has a few toys attached and we always give him other small toys to play with and chew on. It’s great because it’s a nice change of venue, he stays entertained, he’s near me, and I am able to get a few things accomplished throughout the day.

Over time, we also discovered it was great for traveling.  It folds very easily, it’s light weight, and easy to store in the trunk of our car.  We brought it to our sister’s and parents’ house several times and he loves to be able to run around the place.  I don’t have to worry about their house being baby proofed as there isn’t much he can reach.  It doesn’t work so well on carpet, so we are lucky that our entire family has wood floors in all of their homes.  He can maneuver it quite well as he roams forward, backward and even turns around.

Lately, we’ve been using it upstairs in our bedroom to have a place for him to walk around while we’re getting ready in the morning.  He isn’t locked up in his crib alone, and he can see us, play and interact with us while giving us our much needed time to primp.

Over the past few months, he’s grown from just sitting in it and playing, to walking, turning and even running in it!  He starts laughing hysterically as he runs around in it.  I’m certainly glad we have it to occupy him at home and while we travel.

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