The Seaside Enchantment of Carlsbad, California

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Carlsbad, California has long been a favorite getaway for my family. Its proximity to Los Angeles makes getting there by car a breeze. Each visit offers something new.

We usually stay at a charming resort overlooking the ocean. The town, quaint and very appealing, is perfect for exploring with its boutique shops, restaurants, cafes and all sorts of beach-town fun.


There is a lot to do in and around Carlsbad. From spending a day at Legoland with the little ones, to strolling through the Flower Fields with almost 50 acres of colorful plants and flowers, to exploring the coastal wetlands of one of the nearby lagoons, or just enjoying the beach or town attractions.

Legoland’s Taj Mahal

For those who like venturing out a bit farther, Temecula Valley Wine Country is less than an hour’s drive. My favorite thing to do when visiting Temecula is strolling through the vineyards. Feeling the sun warm my back, the earth crunch softly underfoot, the grapes ripening on the vine, the soft buzzing of insects and the endless sky above makes for one of those sublime sensual experiences. While most people are crowding around the bar, sampling the wine inside one of the kid-friendly wineries, I prefer to escape to the vineyard itself to get away from it all. This is where I imagine that I am far away, perhaps Tuscany or in the Bordeaux Region.

A vineyard at Temecula

Another great venue is the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. It too is less than an hour’s drive from Carlsbad, and makes for a fun day’s excursion for the whole family.

Lions at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

My favorite activity by far is walking on the strand by the beach. The water sparkles brilliantly with reflected sunlight, and the salty breeze seems to wash right through my soul. Sometimes I stand at the bridge over the inlet and turn my face to the sea, closing my eyes briefly to surrender myself to the heady rapture of the moment. I like to imagine that I’m standing at the bows of a ship as the wind blows through my hair and fills me with a kind of euphoria. Where do I wish to go? I have only to imagine it, to make it so. Perhaps the Cyclades Islands in the Aegean Sea; or the Galapagos in the Pacific. The World is suddenly at my whim, as my spirit soars in the moment. The experience is utterly romantic and sweeps me away for the duration of my walk. Yes, I am in Carlsbad, but my mind is flying free, carried on the sea breeze, tangy and oh so delicious.

Once the day is done and the westering sun is deepening its descent, I love watching the sea turn to gold. There is a glorious stillness to the hour, made more poignant by the seaside’s enchantment. The pounding of the surf on the sand echoes the life bursting within my breast.

Yes, Carlsbad makes for a lovely escape, being so close to home. It has something for everyone in the family. But it is its seaside charm that draws us back again and again.

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