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Have you ever wanted a way to search for family vacation spots including hotels, attractions and restaurants in a single place? With our extensive directory of cities, hotels, attractions and restaurants, everything you need to travel with family is right here at your fingertips. Our goal is to address the challenge of finding things to do with kids. The Tots and Travel destinations page is a launching pad to get people started on their family vacations.


For very general vacation ideas select a state of interest. With just a click you can list hotels and attractions, and narrow down your options by selecting category filters. To get more specific, select a city of interest and get the scoop on the local weather for all seasons of the year. Browse the local attractions, hotels and restaurants and find their distances in relation to each other with maps plotting their locations. Detailed articles and reviews are available for some of the various hotels and attractions written with families and kids in mind.


Finding things to do and places to go with kids makes Tots and Travel a unique and valuable resource for families everywhere. If you have recently visited family friendly hotels or attractions and feel compelled to share your experiences, we have article/review submission forms available on every city and hotel page. Your shared vacation experiences will benefit people everywhere planning to travel with family.