Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Jocelyn Murray May 8, 2011 3 Comments

Barbados Wildlife Reserve Welcome Sign
Barbados Wildlife Reserve Welcome Sign

Better than a traditional zoo, the Barbados Wildlife Reserve is an open sanctuary in the Grenade Hall Forest where animals roam freely in a lush mahogany  grove across the road from the Farley Hill National Park in St. Peter. It has the feeling of a primeval wood with a tropical twist, where long vines stretch from above and dense vegetation clings with mist. Rustic stone paths guide explorers through this piece of paradise.

After parking in the lot, we entered the reserve which is surrounded by a beautiful wall of stone and intricately worked wrought iron that seems to transport one back in time.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve wall of stone

Barbados Wildlife Reserve wall of stone

There is a lovely canopied area just outside the entrance where people can picnic at the wood tables and benches nestled by the reserve. A sense of tranquility pervades the atmosphere, much like the fragrant mist that imbues the air.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve canopied picnic area

Barbados Wildlife Reserve canopied picnic area

As a parent, I felt very comfortable allowing my children – ages 7 and 9 – to roam at their own paces because the reserve is small and contained, compared to huge sprawling zoos with countless exhibits. The animals are comfortable in their own natural environment, and as such, are not shy and seemed to watch us with as much curiosity as we watched them. We were able to observe them eat, play and interact with the other animals.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve peacock

Barbados Wildlife Reserve peacock

The Barbados Green Monkeys are probably the most popular residents at the reserve. We got close enough to take as many photos as we wished, while just enjoying their company.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve monkeys

Barbados Wildlife Reserve monkeys!

We also saw lots of Brocket Deer, agouti, rabbits, turtles, tortoises, iguanas (up to 5 feet in length), caimans, flamingoes and peacocks.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve deer

One of several deer that we saw at the reserve

There are caged snakes including a reticulated python, as well as beautiful parrots and other exotic birds in a walk-through aviary.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve reticulated python

Barbados Wildlife Reserve reticulated python

The Barbados Wildlife Reserve was one of the highlights of our stay in Barbados and a real treat for the entire family.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve iguanas

Barbados Wildlife Reserve iguanas

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