Mount Gay Rum Distillery, Barbados

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Mount Gay Rum is the world’s oldest rum, dating back to 1703. Although it may not be your typical children’s venue, we did take ours along (ages 7 and 9) for the short informative tour (being a short tour kept their interest as well as ours), but skipped the tasting session.

Mount Gay Rum Distillery Entrance

Mount Gay Rum Distillery Entrance

It was interesting to learn about how rum is made (from sugar cane) and fun to roam the gift shop where we bought some rum and rum cakes to take back home.

Mount Gay Rum Distillery Historical Machinery

Mount Gay Rum Distillery Historical Machinery

What I found most fascinating is the historical aspect of the distillery, being world’s oldest rum. Naturally, this conjured up images of pirates and their precious barrels of rum! The rum is sold in bottles of all shapes and sizes, but the gallon size (which is not exported to the United States) truly fits the popular illustration of a pirate swilling rum.

Mount Gay Rum Tasting Room

Mount Gay Rum Tasting Room

Incidentally, Barbados was home to two famous pirates of the Caribbean: Sam Lord (who lured and plundered unwary ships to their demise on the coral reefs by hanging lanterns on the coconut trees on the island) and Stede Bonnet (a retired British army major who befriended the dreaded Blackbeard himself and plundered ships until he was caught and hung for piracy in 1718).

Mount Gay Rum History of the Distillery

Mount Gay Rum History of the Distillery

No trip to the Caribbean is complete without delving into its rum and pirate history, so our tour of Mount Gay Rum lent our sightseeing experience a historical edge spiked with pirate lore.

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