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Kauai Grand Hyatt Waterfall and Lagoon Hawaii

Grand Hyatt waterfall and lagoon

In early October of 2006, my wife and I flew to Hawaii and stayed at the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort for one week.  This was our second time visiting the island of Kauai together, and we were looking forward to enjoying a relaxing honeymoon vacation at one of the most highly rated hotels on the island

Unfortunately our Kauai honeymoon vacation got off to a rough start.   My wife and I were both very sick for the first half of the trip.  I was already suffering from a nasty flu on the day we travelled, and it took about 3 days to run its course.  My wife contracted some kind of stomach bug and also fell ill a couple of days into our trip.  This was not exactly the start of the dream vacation we were expecting, however, we did make up for lost time once we started to recover later in the week.

Walking to Kauai Grand Hyatt Pool Hawaii

My wife on the way to the Hyatt pool

During our stay we spent a great deal of time hanging out at the Grand Hyatt pool and lagoon. There were several pools and spas to choose from, and the layout was very appealing.  We had no trouble finding poolside chairs and umbrellas in a nice quiet section of the pool.  My wife loves to work on her puzzles, and at the time she was addicted to Sudoku.  This was how she spent the better part of her time when she wasn’t swimming.  I’m a big science fiction and fantasy/mystery reader, and I was enjoying a good Terry Goodkind  book from his Sword of Truth series.  The setting was absolutely delightful, with 82 degree weather and low humidity, beautifully designed pools, lush and green landscaping with colorful Hawaiian flowers, and palm trees swaying in the gentle ocean breeze. 

Although we enjoy tropical Hawaiian drinks just as much as the next person, we were still recovering from our turbulent health problems and had to limit our intake to avoid a possible relapse.  We really enjoyed the lagoon at the Hyatt.  It was a vast, manmade lagoon that extended far and wide, and when we weren’t in the water swimming, we were camped out on our lawn chairs in the sand along its perimeter.   It started out very shallow and there were plenty of children playing in the sand and water.  The shallow and sandy area are perfect for young children but as always parents need to keep a close eye to make sure they don’t venture out too far.  As you swim over to deeper water, the lagoon splits up into a lazy river that snakes around the premises and circles back around in an enticing design that makes you want to go exploring.  We found this lagoon to be one of the most appealing features at the hotel.

The Hyatt is located on the southeast side of the island of Kauai in Keoneloa Bay.  The beach itself is beautiful, but the waves are pretty powerful and the hotel discourages people from swimming. I’m an excellent swimmer and I love to body surf, so I risked the dangerous waters and dove in anyway.  The surf was powerful and I wouldn’t recommend this for the casual swimmer.  Even experienced swimmers can fall prey to powerful waves or rip tides. 

Kauai Poipu Grand Hyatt Golf Course HawaiiI love golfing, so I made sure to play on their Championship Poipu Bay Golf Course.  I’m not a very good player and my scores often reflect this, but I love the game nevertheless and try to play at every opportunity.  The course was a short walk from our hotel and the ocean and mountain views from every hole were a truly breathtaking vision of perfection.  I had to rent clubs while I was there, so I made sure to warm up first at their driving range where I was able to hit balls off grass rather than mats.  It was very helpful to have a GPS device showing the exact distances to the flag especially since this was my first time golfing this course.  It was a wonderful experience and one of the most beautiful coursed I ever played.

Tidepools Restaurant Grand Hyatt Kauai

At Tidepools restaurant at the Grand Hyatt

There were two restaurants/bars at the Grand Hyatt Kauai that we believe were particularly noteworthy.  The first is Stevenson’s Library which had a very unique and appealing lounge atmosphere.  The pool tables, chess and backgammon boards, well stocked bar with fine wines and sipping liquors gives it the look and feel of a plush and sophisticated cigar bar.  There is no smoking of course, but it’s a great place to hang out, order food from their sushi bar, and listen to mellow live music. 

Koi Pond Grand Hyatt KauaiTidepools was by far our favorite restaurant.  The food was wonderful and the atmosphere really won us over.  The entire restaurant is situated along a large lagoon filled with coy fish.  My wife and I sat in a nice and cozy section of the restaurant overlooking the lagoon.  Our table was right next to the railing, and we could literally lean over slightly and see all of the fish fighting over scraps of food.  We got a kick out of tossing in small chunks of bread and watching the water boil with these hordes of coy.  They were scrambling over one another in such large numbers that it looked more like a lagoon filled with piranha devouring their prey!

The 602 room low rise Grand Hyatt Kauai is a perfect place for a family vacation and it ranks high on our kid friendly scale, in large part because of the sandy beach lagoon. The hotel staff was friendly, our room was comfortable and well maintained, and the hotel itself including the pool, lagoon,  restaurants and shops was exactly what the doctor ordered!

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