Under the Weather on our Kauai Honeymoon

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Kauai Sunset HawaiiWhat’s the worst thing that can go wrong on a Hawaiian vacation for two? How about if both of you were sick? That is exactly what happened to me and my wife during our Honeymoon on the Island of Kauai. When we checked in to the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort in Poipu in early October of 2006, I was already feeling the ravages of a nasty flu. We spent the entire day flying from Cabo San Lucas Mexico where we had our wedding, to Lihue Kauai after first connecting in Los Angeles. While on the plane I was already feeling a bit stuffy and feverish. It was puzzling because the weather in Cabo was still extremely warm and humid, and it was unusual for me to get the flu in such conditions.

Grand Hyatt Kauai Pool Hawaii

At the Grand Hyatt on the way to the pool

By the time we checked in to the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort it was already late in the evening. We were both exhausted from the long voyage and all I wanted to do was sleep. Usually the first thing I do whenever I arrive at a new hotel is open my suitcase and unpack all of my belongings. I like to hang up my shirts and put the rest of my clothing and other items in drawers so the place stays neat and inviting. This time however I just dragged my suitcase in the room, dropped it on the floor next to the window and got in bed. My wife wasn’t showing any signs of illness so she decided to explore the hotel grounds a bit before going to bed.

My wife loves shopping, so the first thing she did was walk over to the hotel gift shop to peruse their touristy items. There were also plenty of expensive boutique shops in the lobby which peaked her interest. She later popped her head into the Stevenson’s Library which looked like a hip bar and restaurant complete with pool tables and what looked like chess and backgammon boards. She instinctively knew that this was a place I would really enjoy and made sure to take it all in so that she could report back to me with her findings! There was plenty more to see, but it was dark outside and after a while she decided to come back to the room and save the rest of the tour until the next day.

I spent the next two full days of our honeymoon vacation inside my room at the Hyatt with the flu. We ordered room service multiple times a day and my wife made sure I had Nyquil, Dayquil, and plenty of fluids to keep me well hydrated. I started to feel much better on our third day and promised my wife that we would hang out at the pool and beach, and dine out at the hotel restaurants from that point on. I hadn’t fully recovered but I was determined for us to have a good time being that this was our honeymoon!

Princeville Hotel Kauai View Hawaii

View from the Princeville Hotel in Kauai

We must have kicked some puppies somewhere along the way because shortly after that, on the same day, my wife started feeling dizzy and nauseated. The feeling got progressively worse and before we even had a chance to leave the room I saw her bolt to the bathroom and start throwing up her breakfast! The vomiting continued throughout the day and by that evening she was in bed with cold sweats and fever just like I had the days before. The amazing thing is that her overall symptoms were much different. This was some kind of stomach bug, and we speculated that she must have caught it in Cabo Mexico just before our flight. Normally this type of thing could be attributed to something you ate in the few preceding hours, but during our wedding in Cabo, several of our family and friends got violently sick with what appeared to be food or water poisoning. Looking back we think the water used to make the ice in all of our drinks at the Dreams Resort Cabo was contaminated, because about 1/3 of the guests came down with the same thing.

After arriving in Kauai we got word that many of our family and friends had contracted this same stomach bug, so after a couple of days we figured we were among the lucky few to escape it. Clearly we were wrong. So half way through our vacation my wife and I switched places and now she was stuck in bed feeling miserable. What a drag. The Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort is one of the most luxurious and attractive hotels on the Island, and each of us had to spend half that time inside our room in misery.

Poipu Bay Golf Course KauaiI did manage to golf one day at the Poipu Bay Golf Course while my wife was in the room recovering. Later when she was feeling a little better, she rode along with me in the golf cart while I played golf a second day, but she was too weak to join me in the game. As if her digestive problems weren’t enough, aunt flow decided to pay her a visit and for the next few days she had to deal with menstrual cramps. The golf course was just a short walk from the hotel so I told her if need be, I could give her a ride back to the room whenever she felt fatigued and needed to rest.

Kauai Cave on the Napali Coast Hawaii

Kauai Cave on the Napali Northern Coast

We only had two full days left to enjoy our vacation after my wife and I were both fully recovered. We made the best of it by squeezing in as much time at the pool and beach, and dining at the various restaurants and bars throughout the hotel. On the last day we took a drive to the North side of the island. It was the first time we actually drove our rental car since arriving at the airport. We drove past the Princeville Hotel until the road ended. Here we visited some astonishing caves carved into volcanic rock cliffs, some with pools of water that you could walk through. We spent a few hours hiking along a well marked trail which lead to a remote beach up the coast that was only accessible by foot or by boat. On our way back we stopped at the Princeville Hotel where we had an early evening dinner and absorbed the magnificent view of the ocean and Kauai’s Northern coastal line. This is where we decided we would stay on our next trip to Kauai. All in all it was a very memorable trip and we can’t wait to do it all over again, but this time with our health intact!

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