Arizona Summer Road Trips: Cool Places to Go

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Phoenix, Arizona is a wonderful place to visit. Towering Saguaro cacti line the roadways, its residents are friendly and there is an outstanding array of restaurants, shopping and golf courses, it’s easy to see why the Valley of the Sun is such a popular place to visit. Of course, Phoenix can also get hot in the summertime — drivers-had-better-use-pot-holders-to-touch-the-steering-wheel hot. Temperatures can easily get up to 110 degrees or more during the day, dipping down to a less-than-refreshing 95 at night.

The Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix is home to one of the best water parks in the country, and is a refreshing place for families with children to escape.  Many local residents book hotel rooms for their family just so they can have free access to this awesome water park.  For more details about this outstanding resort read our series of articles about our Family Trip to the Arizona Grand Resort.

Fortunately, the entire state is not roasting during the summer months, and there are plenty of places that both residents and vacationers alike can go to see a bit more of the lovely state, while also getting some welcome relief from the hot sun.


The Grand Canyon

One of the most popular places to visit is the Grand Canyon, in northern Arizona. Nearly five million people come to visit the one-mile deep and incredibly scenic canyon each year. Visitors to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, at 7,000 feet above sea level, can see a lot of it from their vehicle at overlooks located along the South Rim; this is also the most accessible part of the park. A smaller group of visitors will experience the Canyon on the North Rim side; it’s about 1,000 feet higher in elevation and is less accessible. The Inner Canyon includes everything beneath the rim and is typically seen by hikers, river runners or people riding mules (just like the Brady Bunch did back in the 1970s!).  For more related articles visit the Grand Canyon topics on our site.


Grand Canyon Formations

Grand Canyon Formations – photo by Dougtone

Sedona’s Red Rocks

The red rocks of Sedona, Arizona are a breathtaking part of the state. The town also boasts cooler temperatures in the summertime. The area truly offers something for everyone — from people who love geology and are fascinated by the stunning red rock formations and those who appreciate the area’s numerous art galleries. There is plenty to do for people who like outdoor sports and the spiritual qualities that are inherent to the area. The area is home to some of the most amazing scenery in the world. Red-rock monoliths featuring whimsical and accurate names like Coffeepot, Cathedral and Bell Rock inspire photographers and painters alike. If travelers have the time and opportunity, nearby Jerome is another interesting area that is full of history and interesting scenery.



Flagstaff Arizona, north of Sedona and at a higher elevation, offers visitors a cool respite from the heat. For people who enjoy camping, the area offers a variety of places to pitch a tent and kick back and commune with Mother Nature. From families who like to camp at a facility that offers at least some of the comforts of home to those more rugged types who don’t mind sleeping under the stars and starting their campfires with a couple of pieces of flint, Flagstaff has plenty to offer. As noted, Flagstaff is also rich with history, cultural diversity and plenty of recreational activities. Located about 80 miles from the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff is also close to an impressive seven national parks.

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