Puerto Vallarta Palace – Living Like Kings and Queens

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Puerto Vallarta Palace Pool with FamilyAfter a long day of travel and a fun-filled first day (Getting the Royal Treatment at the Vallarta Palace) at Puerto Vallarta,  no one bothered to get up terribly early the next morning.  It felt good to sleep in for a change, and it was about 9 a.m. before we dressed and went down to breakfast at Mar Intimo. The meal was another huge, delicious all-you-can-eat buffet affair. The family and I indulged in coffee, breakfast smoothies, omelettes, bacon, muffins, cereal and fruit. (I have to admit here that my pants were already beginning to feel too snug around my waist…good thing we were only spending a week!)

Since there’s only so much relaxing one can do, we decided to sign up for some off-site activities at the resorts’ activities desk, which is conveniently located outdoors near the pools. It did take quite a bit of time, but when we finally booked everything for the rest of the week, my mother quipped that we were booked solid and would have hardly any more time for hanging around by the pool!

Breakfast Smoothies at Puerto Vallarta Palace

Ben enjoys a yummy breakfast smoothie

The boys and my father decided to go on a ziplining tour later in the week, while Mom and I opted for some significantly less physically-taxing activites–manicures, pedicures, and TWO massages for each of us at the resort’s luxurious spa and salon. We also signed up to go swimming with dolphins at a waterpark located about 20 minutes away from the resort.

Today we decided to hit the beautiful beach, which was just steps away from the pools. We set up camp in the third row of chaise lounges underneath one of the palm-frond-thatched umbrella tables. (I later learned this was the best place to be, as if you decided to park yourself in the first rown of lounge chairs you would be constantly harrassed by the beach vendors, who walked by all day long hawking cheap silver jewelry and clothing.) Within about ten seconds of sitting down we were approached by one of the attentive and charming waitresses and asked if we’d like anything to drink. Of course it was another round of “vasos de agua con limon” for my parents and me, and Coca-Cola for the boys.

Puerto Vallarta Palace Beach Boogie-Boarding

Boogie-boarding at the beach

Needing a bit of activity after all the food I had stuffed myself with over the past couple of days, I chose to go boogie-boarding with the kids. We rented boogie boards at the rental station located right near the pools. Though the boards are only supposed to be out for about an hour at a time, you can keep them longer if there isn’t a big demand for the boards, as we found out.

The ocean water, heated by the intense Mexican sun, was once again blissfully warm, and I had a blast riding waves for a couple of hours with the boys. There were quite a few wipeouts and a lot of laughs! Plus we hopefully worked off some of that food!

Will (my youngest) and I spent the rest of the afternoon playing what he termed “the wave game,” which essentially meant jumping the waves, only with a set of very complicated rules thrown in that can only be devised by a seven-year-old’s brain…I think I was supposed to be some sort of superhero and we were working as a team to “conquer” the waves, or something like that. In any case, the water was shallow and safe, and we had a wonderful “mother-and-son” time. And really, isn’t that what vacations are all about?

Puerto Vallarta Palace Beach Riviera Nayarit

Living the good life on the Riviera Nayarit

When we had all tired, we spent a litle time stretched out on our lounge chairs, enjoyed guacamole, salsa and chips from the poolside snack bar, and I got to polish off a good chunk of one of the novels I had brought along with me while Bucky took his turn swimming with the boys.

It was about this time that my parents and I discovered the delights of the hotel’s frozen mocacchino drink, when my father had gone to one of the bars to get an afternoon coffee. Once we discovered these, there were a lot more mocacchinos and a lot fewer “vasos de agua minerale” in our future! My mother (who has really developed a sweet tooth lately) got especially hooked and drank at least three every day.

The most stressful decision I like to have to make on vacation is “where are we going to have dinner?” Since we had already eaten a dinner and all of our breakfasts at Mar Intimo, the resort’s Italian restaurant, we decided that tonight would be Mexican night (hey, when in Rome…). After returning to our rooms and showering, we went down to dinner and enjoyed margaritas, tamales, enchiladas, burritos, chicken and seafood. And thank goodness that tacos are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser and one item that ALL the boys will eat. I can tell you from experience that these things are few and far between! And, of course, there was delicious, creamy flan for dessert.

Vallarta Palace Restaurant Desert

There's always room for dessert!

We decided to take a little stroll around the grounds and have an early night, since tomorrow was going to be an action-packed day for the boys. The kids and my mom got a big kick out of all the shrubbery in the gardens, artfully carved as charming topiary animals, and sporting big round styrofoam eyeballs.

After showers, jacuzzis, and a little TV (it was admittedly difficult to find a TV show in English and not Spanish), we turned in, dreaming of ziplines and massages!

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