Ocean Lawn Wedding at the Maui Sheraton Resort

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Ocean Lawn at the Maui Sheraton Resort

Ocean Lawn wedding at the Maui Sheraton

Maui Wedding Vacation in Lahaina – Day 7 

The wedding and dinner reception took place outdoors in a scenic setting at the Maui Sheraton Resort and Spa called Ocean Lawn.  This was the last full day of our Hawaiian vacation.  My wife, Christian (our 10 month old son), and I walked over to the Sheraton a little early so that we could get good seats. 

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The Ocean Lawn was located between the beach to the West and the hotel to the East.  It was a wide field of grass surrounded by a nicely trimmed hedge.  We knew we were early when we first approached.  The ceremony was due to start in 30 minutes and there were no guests to be seen. The white chairs for the ceremony were lined up neatly on the north side of the lawn facing North West. On the way in we saw a big cart of purple and white orchids being wheeled into the reception area directly behind the chairs.    We scanned the area and saw that people were still setting up for the event.  There was a makeshift bar on the west side of the lawn and the bartender was already there preparing for the inevitable rush.  Some last minute loose ends needed to be tied because there were still hotel staff members organizing tables and things, as well as preparing the stage with their speakers and microphones. 

Maui Wedding at Sheraton Resort

Wedding groomsmen at the Maui Sheraton Resort

Christian had not yet had dinner, so we decided to walk back to the pool area to find a place to feed him before the ceremony.   I received a text message on the way letting us know everyone was at the Cliff Dive bar having drinks so we joined them.  I brought my wife a chair and set it down in a low traffic area so she could start feeding Christian without inconveniencing anyone.   In the meantime I ordered a mango margarita for myself and a virgin Bloody Mary for my wife.  The Sheraton bartenders can sure make a primo Bloody Mary.  My wife had one earlier in the day when we were hanging out at the pool and now she was craving another.  

The timing couldn’t be better because Christian had a full belly at least 10 minutes before the ceremony was due to begin.  Gabriel and his fiancée had already walked to Ocean Lawn with some friends and were saving us two end seats.  Shortly after we arrived, Christian started getting fussy, and before we knew it he was screaming!  I lifted him out of the stroller and walked around the lawn trying to soothe him.   The ushers were starting to ask people to take their seats and I was stressing out because I wanted to be ready to take pictures.  My wife came to the rescue right as the music was starting to play and took him off my hands. 

Bride and Groom Maui Sheraton

The bride and groom at the Maui Sheraton

The sun was still about 1 or 2 hours away from setting, and although it was still bright and beating down on us, the light ocean breeze made it very pleasant.  The music started playing shortly after the groom and groomsmen took their places at the front.  The perfect Hawaiian island music was playing as bride’s maids were escorted down the aisle.  Shortly after the wedding party was in place, the song “Over the Rainbow” by IZ started to play.  That is when the bride was escorted down the aisle arm in arm with her father.  She looked stunning, and everyone in the audience was on their feet with ear to ear grins.  This is when I realized that Christian was calm and quiet.  I was thrilled.  My wife was standing and holding him in her arms just a few feet away.  I had taken plenty of pictures, so I gave her some relief by trading places with her. 

After the readings were complete, one of the groom’s close friends walked up to the front and sang a song by U2 called “All I Need is You”.  It was a very touching moment to see how the bride and groom looked at each other with so much love.  The bride and groom had written their own heartfelt vows and later recited them to each other in front of a very misty eyed crowd.  As soon as they were pronounced man and wife everyone in the audience stood up cheering. 

All the guests ordered drinks and ate hors d’oeuvres while the wedding party posed for their professional photographers.  It was an open bar and people were lined up for drinks all evening.  The sun started setting just before dinner.  After all the introductions were complete, everyone sat down to enjoy the wonderful feast.  It was a buffet style dinner with a wide selection of choices including roast beef (with horseradish), chicken, shrimp, vegetables and much more.  There was even a sushi bar with some of the best spicy tuna cut rolls I’ve had in a long time! 

Wedding Dance Maui Sheraton

First dance as husband and wife

After dinner, a handful of the guys walked over to the Ocean Lawn entrance to smoke cigars.  This would be our only opportunity to hang out and have a smoke, so we seized it.  There wasn’t much time, and after about half way through our cigars we made our way up to the Sheraton reception hall on the third floor to enjoy some good music and dancing.  It was a large reception ballroom with an open bar, dance floor, and tables and chairs to accommodate people like me with two left feet.  The bride and groom looked so happy together dancing with their family and friends.  It was a joyous and memorable occasion, and one that we are so blessed to have been a part of.

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