Exploring Our New Home at the Maui Royal Lahaina

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Royal Ocean Terrace - Maui Royal Lahaina

Breakfast at the Royal Ocean Terrace

Maui Wedding Vacation in Lahaina – Day 2

I woke up at 6am on day two of our vacation at the Royal Lahaina Resort in Maui.  My wife had already been up since 5am with our 10 month old son Christian. We were all still adjusting to the three hour time change.   Light flooded into the room as we opened some of the many shutters that lined each side of our cottage suite.  Our sleepiness was replaced by excitement as we took in the sights of the garden and mountain views from our windows.  Rays of sunlight were starting to penetrate through the waterfall of clouds spilling over the mountains to our East. There were so many birds chirping around our cottage that we wondered if there were nests just outside our window.

After Christian was fed, my wife and I showered and headed outside in search for a place to eat breakfast.  Christian was secure in his Snap-and-Go Graco stroller and ready to experience his first full day on the island of Maui.  While outside, we pushed the stroller down a network of walkways towards the pool and beach.  The weather was warm and humid, but there was a strong and refreshing breeze making it very pleasant.  We knew that we were on the right path because we could smell bacon and other food cooking.  Our pace quickened as we approached the Royal Ocean Terrace.  The Royal Ocean Terrace was a wonderful open restaurant overlooking a swimming pool and beach.  It was still very early in the morning so there was plenty of seating both inside and out. 

Maui Royal Lahaina Pool at Dawn

Royal Lahaina pool at dawn

The breakfast buffet was only $19.95 per/person, a bargain for the wonderful variety of choices.  There was fresh fruit including sweet papaya, pineapple and melons.  There was scrambled eggs and readymade omelets stuffed with peppers, onions and other goodies.  There was French toast, pancakes, waffles, bread pudding, and a wide selection of pastries and different types of bread.  Our waitress brought my wife hot coffee, and I drank several glasses of guava and orange juice.  We loaded up our plates multiple times before we were through.  Christian had already eaten breakfast at the Villa, but he still ate several juicy chunks of papaya and some of his puffs as he kept us company.

The Sheraton Maui is where our friends are getting married, and we knew that it was walking distance from our hotel. Before our trip I made sure to map it out on Google and found that it was just South and separated by one of the fairways of the Kaanapali Golf course.  With our bellies full of food we thought now was a great time to explore, so we headed south on the beach walkway.  It was lovely.  The walkway led us along the coast with the golf course and hills to our left and the calm vast light blue ocean to our right. Joggers past us by continuously and this only strengthened my resolve to find a gym and work out later. 

Walkway to Maui Sheraton Hawaii

Walkway to the Maui Sheraton Resort and Spa

We entered the Sheraton hotel grounds through the tennis courts.  We were very impressed with the overall layout of the hotel and really liked how open it was.  The Sheraton is definitely a more up-scale and more updated resort when compared to the Royal Lahaina.  The landscaping and design of the place is superior with its elaborate network of swimming pools, lakes and rivers.   The hotel rooms were not spread out like the two story cottage suites that covered our resort.  Instead there were several higher rising buildings throughout the 23 acre property (six stories each) all accessible via elevators.  The main lobby was three floors above the pool and beach area.   While exploring the premises we ran into the bride and groom to be!  It was still quite early in the morning and they were heading out for breakfast at one of the Sheraton restaurants we passed along the way.

Maui Sheraton Resort Pool Area

Maui Sheraton Resort pool area

We spent the rest of the day back in our hotel at the pool in front of the Royal Ocean Terrace.  I have to say we were disappointed that there were no pool side umbrellas to provide shade, and I don’t mean they were reserved by other guests, I mean they didn’t have any at the resort period!  There are two pools at the resort, and unless you are parked beneath some palm trees at the right time of day, you are fully exposed to the sun.  This is obviously less than ideal for families with kids, especially very young children like Christian.  The hotel did have an area further down where they were renting double lawn chairs with a pull down canopy for two.  There was really no other choice so we rented it for $15 and spent the next few hours enjoying the wonderful ocean view.  I was able to fit the baby car seat smugly in the space between our lawn chairs where Christian slept for at least 2 full hours!   It was nice to have some quiet and relaxing time to ourselves during his slumber!

Later that afternoon I walked from our hotel to the Valley Isle Gym in the Fairway Shopping Center.  It was only a 10 minute walk which was a good way to warm up before I started lifting weights.  I paid $55 for a one week pass, and spent the next 45 minutes working shoulders and biceps.  The Valley Isle Gym reminds me quite a bit of Gold’s Gym back in Redondo Beach where I’m from.  They have a great selection of hammer strength equipment as well as free weights. I worked out extra hard knowing that we would once again be dining out which makes me feel much better about all the fattening meals.

Maui Royal Lahaina Beach Hawaii

Royal Lahaina Beach

That evening my wife, Christian and I joined my friend Gabriel and his fiancée at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in downtown Lahaina for dinner.  We had reservations for 7:30pm and they seated us as soon as we arrived.  Christian was already fast asleep in his Graco baby car seat and we made sure to bring along his sleepy sheep noise maker to help drown out the noises at the restaurant.   My wife had the filet mignon, and I had the New York Strip medium rare.  We ordered fried calamari as an appetizer which was a real treat.  The steaks were tender, juicy and every bit as good as we expected.  We’ve dined at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse several times before at the Palm Springs location and we love it!

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