Island Boy Adventures: Great Exuma, Bahamas

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The dock at Barraterre where we boarded

The best way to explore the many cays in the Exumas is by boat, and Island Boy Adventures made the experience wonderful.


We chartered a private half-day tour so that we could visit the cays at our leisure. This was led by Jeffrey and  Quentin who were very friendly and knowledgeable. They made us feel instantly welcome and at ease. I tend to get seasick easily, but had no problems at all on this excursion.


The pigs swam right up to our boat




One of the wildlife highlights of the Exumas is swimming with the pigs. We visited a small cay inhabited by these adorable creatures, and when our boat neared the shore, they immediately swam toward us with their heads and snouts above water, hoping for a treat.


It was fun roaming the cay where the pigs live

I don’t know what I was expecting precisely, but these pigs were very big! Nevertheless, I did not feel afraid of them.


I hopped into the water and made my way to the shore as they followed me closely, sniffing to see if I had any food.


The nursing piglets were so cute

I spied some piglets on the cay and just had to go get a closer look. They were so cute! Exploring the cay was lots of fun because there were plenty of pigs living there. They seem to spend their time eating or napping in the shade of some shrubs and bushes.


Even the piglets sleep in a pile together. We saw a few of them suckling milk from their mother. It was so endearing!


Now that’s a big pig…

Although they are wild, the pigs are well cared for. They are given plenty of food and fresh water daily, not to mention the occasional treats by visiting tourists.


Seeing the pigs was one of the most memorable parts of this excursion.




The secluded beach was gorgeous




After spending a good while with the pigs, we climbed back into the boat, and Jeffrey took us to a small deserted cay with a gorgeous secluded beach. We ate our boxed lunch on the boat and then hopped into the water, snorkeled, and waded to the white sandy shore, where we strolled along the beach.


There were countless conch shells littering the sand by the trees and shrubs. Rocks near one end of the beach formed many small tide pools that were fun to investigate.


The iguanas came right up to us to be fed

The water was clear and beautiful as it is throughout the Exumas, and we enjoyed a quiet afternoon there without another soul to be seen anywhere.




Once we left the secluded beach, Jeffrey took us to another cay inhabited by large iguanas.


The iguanas are very cute

Although I remained on the boat this time, my son hopped off and made for the shore.


Soon after, one iguana appeared, then another, then many more. They came from the other side of the cay, as though on cue.


Like the pigs, they were eager for a treat, and knew from experience to equate visitors with food.


They were not disappointed.


There were lots of iguanas there




The ride back was breezy but fun also

On our way back to the dock from the excursion, it began to rain, but it was still an enjoyable ride. I never felt any seasickness at all.


We had taken plenty of photos, a few of which are included here. It was lovely exploring the natural beauty and wildlife for which the Exumas are known, and Island Boy Adventures made the experience a lot of fun.


They also offer fishing charters, group tours, and full-day tours. Other activities include swimming with sharks, snorkeling in the cays, and exploring hidden grottos. It’s a wonderful way to see the best of Exuma with friendly and knowledgeable guides.


For more information visit Island Boy Adventures.


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