Multnomah Falls, Oregon

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Multnomah Falls is the second tallest year-round waterfall in the United States

Legend has it that a beautiful Multnomah princess gave her life to save her people by jumping off the high cliff overlooking the water of the Big River, now known as the Columbia River Gorge.


It was done in order to appease the Great Spirit’s anger by offering an innocent maiden in sacrifice. The silvery-white stream of water that sprung forth from the cliff formed Multnomah Falls, and was the Great Spirit’s token of peace between him and the people, following the princess’s death.


Standing near the upper pool of this enchanting place, it is easy to imagine the legend coming alive.  The moist, fragrant air envelops you in its misty embrace, almost transporting you to a land of myth and mystery.


The air is moist and fragrant, with moss and lichen clinging to the rocky cliffs and trees along the trail

Multnomah Falls is the second tallest year-round waterfall in the United States. It is located in the state of Oregon by the Columbia River Gorge.


The waterfall is split into two steps, the upper portion which is 542 feet, and the lower is 69 feet.

Visitors can take a comfortable, easy hike up to the bridge overlooking the pool where the upper fall cascades, and then continue to the very top if desired, though the second part is much more challenging. There is a creek nestled among rocks and trees once you reach the top, and some visitors enjoy wading through the cool water as they catch their breath before moving on.


The trail is narrow, steep, but oh so very lush and lovely


It is 1.2 miles to the very top, comprising of steep switchbacks with beautiful views of the scenery below.


There are no fees to visit this beautiful place which is conveniently open year-round.


Multnomah Falls Historic Lodge


The historic Lodge boasts a full-service restaurant with a delicious menu serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. It also has a bar, and snack bar, a lovely gift shop below, and informative visitor center.


The sweet aroma of freshly made fudge and other tasty treats lure hungry visitors after a stimulating hike.


It is best to visit the falls early in the  morning before it gets too crowded. This is not to be missed when visiting the Columbia River Gorge.

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