Ghost Town at Knott’s Berry Farm

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My favorite attraction at Knott’s Berry Farm in Southern California has always been Ghost Town. Perhaps it’s my fondness for history and all things historical that draws me there, but whatever the reason, it is definitely a fun place to visit.  With a little imagination, it’s easy to believe that you have stepped back in time to a real town found in the Wild West.


These locals enjoy shooting the breeze and watching the passersby

It’s fun to stop and sit a while with the locals. These men are old-timers here and have stories to tell if you can listen with your imagination…


The School House at Knott’s Berry Farm

Did you know that teachers were not allowed to marry? No siree, they sure weren’t. That was grounds for dismissal! Neither were they allowed to smoke, drink or gamble. These vices were “good reason to suspect [the teacher's] worth, intention, integrity and honesty” (Rules for Teachers, 1872). If you wanted to be a teacher, you better walk the straight and narrow!


Ghost Town Laundromat

Every town needs a good laundromat, especially with all the dust and dirt being kicked around by the horses, wagons and carts. If you could peek inside this one you’d see a Chinese man tending to clothing. This little shack was where he would have slept also. Life was very different in those days.


Men gambling at Ghost Town in Knott’s Berry Farm

You can bet your last dollar that these fine gentlemen were certainly NOT teachers. From the looks of it they are breaking at least three of the Rules for Teachers: drinking, smoking and gambling… Wouldn’t you like to listen in on their conversation, though? Or at least their thoughts? I can imagine one is thinking about his next bank heist. Another is looking to hire a deputy to the sheriff’s office. A third is thinking about running for town mayor. And the last man is plotting how he can walk out of there with all their money.


The Gun Shop at Ghost Town

Every town needed a gun shop. This was the Wild West, folks, and being well-armed was just plain common sense. A man had to own at least one rifle, a brace of pistols, several knives and daggers, and plenty of ammunition. And while you’re at it, pick up some good tobacco too.


Bird Cage Theatre at Knott’s Berry Farm

Entertainment was a must at a small town. There’s little to do otherwise, notwithstanding saloons and bawdy houses. What was a good upstanding citizen to do? How about the theater! This theater boasts plenty of shows with music and dancing to get you stomping your feet and clapping your hands.


Ghost Town, Knott’s Berry Farm

More authentic-looking views of Ghost Town to make you feel like you’ve really stepped back in time. Just imagine the folks dressed in denim, cotton shirts, hats and leather boots, maybe even with a pipe or cigar in their teeth…


Town Jail at Ghost Town

Every town had their fair share of bandits and bandidos. Men (and women too) looking to steal, swipe or swindle something from someone else. The Town Jail was a must to keeping unsavory characters locked up until they could be reformed or reestablished elsewhere.


Pony Express Outpost at Ghost Town

The Pony Express Outpost is a fun, interactive place for kids and adults to get friendly with the local critters. There are creepy, crawly creatures galore such as lizards, worms, tarantulas, phasmids and more. There are even plenty of preserved critters too like butterflies, beetles, bats and snakes.


A phasmid at Pony Express Outpost in Ghost Town

Making friends with a phasmid at Pony Express Outpost in Ghost Town. The art of camouflage was perfected by these critters!


Boothill Cemetery at Ghost Town

No town would be complete without a place of residence for its deceased residents.  The Boothill Cemetery gives visitors an idea of what graveyards might have looked like back in the Wild West. There is even a coffin on display for people to stand inside and have their picture taken–if you’re brave enough…

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