Top New Amusement Park Rides in the US for 2014

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Kings Island–Mason, Ohio

Banshee will have you screaming just like the legendary Irish mythological fairy woman after which this thrilling ride is named. It’s billed as the world’s longest inverted coaster, with speeds of up to 68 miles per hour through loops, drops, spirals and rolls along 4124 thrilling feet of track. Coaster aficionados, prepare to ride!




Busch Gardens–Tampa, Florida

Falcon’s Fury is named after the fastest moving animal in the world – the peregrine falcon. But unlike the feathered predator whose diving speeds reach 200 miles per hour, the free-falling drop tower ride dives 60 miles per hour for several long seconds from a height of 335 feet.  Don’t worry, it’s still more than enough to get your heart racing for you thrill-seekers.


Firechaser Express
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Dollywood–Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

FireChaser Express is a moderate steel coaster ride good for anyone with a minimum height of 39 inches or taller. Billed as the nation’s first dual launch family coaster, riders take off forward and backward, going from zero to 16 miles per hour in under two seconds along a track measuring 2,427 feet. This ride is perfect for the whole family – little thrill-seekers included.


photo by Six Flags Great America


Six Flags Great America–Gurnee, Illinois

Just as its name implies, Goliath is a huge wooden coaster scheduled to open May 31st at Gurnee, Illinois. This extreme ride will break records as the world’s fastest wooden coaster, plunging riders down a near-vertical 180-foot drop, with speeds reaching 72 miles per hour. So take a deep breath and hold on tight for a record-breaking experience!



Universal Studios– Florida, Orlando

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Florida, Orlando has a new indoor steel roller coaster inspired by the blockbuster film. Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts features high-tech animation effects with 3D projection screens which immerse riders in a fantasy world that whisks them through the vaults of the Gringotts bank. Harry Potter fans are in for a treat.


Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
photo by Walt Disney World


Magic Kingdom–Lake Buena Vista, Florida

This family-friendly coaster is part of the New Fantasyland expansion at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in Florida. Riders 38 inches and taller enjoy an adventurous race across stone bridges, through a forest, and within the diamond mine featured in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It’s a rollicking good time with twists, lifts, small drops and hairpin turns that bring the make-believe world alive!



Coney Island, New York

This Coney Island classic coaster is a recreated steel version of the original one built in 1925. It boasts a vertical drop, loops, dives, rolls, and speeds up to 65 miles per hour. Although it overlooks gorgeous views of the beach, riders will most likely be too immersed in the adrenaline rush of this steel coaster to even notice!



Schlitterbahn–Kansas City, Kansas

Tall, steep and fast, Verrückt is Schlitterbahn’s newest thrilling water slide in Kansas City, Kansas. It surpasses many of the world’s tallest sides, plunging thrill-seekers down in a four-person raft that will have them screaming to their hearts’ content.


Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom
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Six Flags Great Adventure–Jackson, New Jersey

This drop tower stands 415 feet tall, and is attached to the Kingda Ka roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. The eight-seater gondolas plummet into a free-fall drop that reach a terminal velocity of up to 95 miles per hour. Thrill seekers will not be disappointed.

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