Seeing Kauai with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters

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One of the best ways to tour Kauai is by helicopter, where you can get an unobstructed bird’s-eye view of the island’s many treasures: from the rugged landscapes with chiseled cliffs and deep valleys, to its open fields and pastures, to its rivers, ponds, waterfalls, beaches, and the unparalleled Na Pali coastline.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters offer a sleek and comfortable ride

I must admit that I was a bit nervous at first, not due to any fear of flying, but because of a particularly acute sensitivity to motion sickness. But taking a pill for this beforehand, as well as wearing special wrist bands helped soften the sharp edge of this sensitivity, and I was able to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the flight.

View of one of many bays

The island has many bays, tranquil coves, lagoons and beaches that are simply breathtaking.

Kalapaki Beach

The jewel-toned colors of the water by Kalapaki Beach are so inviting. Just beyond the beach lies Nawiliwili Harbor where cruise ships dock.


There are several ponds and rivers

Ponds, water reservoirs and rivers cut through the island and are flanked by trees and lush plant life.


Wailua Falls

There is something incredibly romantic and uninhibited about waterfalls, and Kauai has many of them.


Kalalau Valley

The  cliffs lining the valleys–like Kalalau Valley–have been carved by rainfall over millions of years.


Waimea Canyon

Waimea Canyon has been called “the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” The rough and rugged splendor of the cliffs is stunning.


More of the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”

Another beautiful view of Waimea Canyon’s roughhewn allure.


Na Pali coastline

Na Pali Coast has 17 miles of pristine coastline with sandy beaches and chiseled cliffs plunging dramatically into the sea.


Na Pali Coast

Some of the beaches along the Na Pali Coast are only accessible by boat or by a long and treacherous hike. But they have a deserted appeal that sets the imagination wandering into all sorts of uninhabited places where the sea and jungle are lords of this isolated refuge.


Na Pali Coast

One cannot get enough of the Na Pali Coast. The greenery covering the cliffs appears like a dusting of crushed emeralds. It must have been awesome when the island was first formed millions of years ago. It isn’t hard to imagine lava pouring down from the ancient volcano’s crater in long thick slabs that sizzled as they met the sea. The island has a harsh, wild beauty. There are moments where one can glimpse the Creator within the magnificence of creation.


Na Pali Coast beaches

More deserted beaches along the Na Pali Coast. The views are spectacular.


Waterfalls of Kauai

Kauai has lots of waterfalls cascading down the cliffs into hidden sapphire pools.


Our fantastic pilot Brad

While the sightseeing was spectacular, it most certainly was due to our brilliant pilot Brad who has over 25 years flying experience of which 22 were spent in the military as an instructor pilot. He was competent, gracious, professional and very charming. I could not have felt any safer. He pointed out highlights and enlightened us with interesting facts, history and trivia throughout the tour, making it an unforgettable experience.

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