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Butterflies are in bloom.  

That’s right, Spring brings more than flowers and budding leaves. It brings butterflies!  

Monarch Butterfly
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From April 13 – September 1, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County will open their annual seasonal Butterfly Conservatory exhibit with over 30 butterfly species from North America flying free among a lush variety of plant life in a walk-through exhibit.  


Twenty of the thirty butterfly species are native to California, while other more exotic varieties are featured as well. You just might spy the Monarch butterfly with its telltale orange and black markings, or watch several swallowtail species—like the Two-tailed Swallowtail or the Tiger Swallowtail—catch the dappled light of the sun on their cheerful yellow wings.  The Zebra Longwing’s stripes are reminiscent of their namesake, helping them to blend among the long grasses where they frolic.  


Other gorgeous species in vivid blues, greens, reds and gold look like something only Mother Nature could fabricate with such dainty perfection. These amazing creatures flutter through the air like delicate winged jewels that leave one marveling at their exquisite loveliness.   


Butterflies seem to capture the very essence of beauty and grace.  


Swallowtail & Birdwing Butterflies

This is a wonderful opportunity for parents and children to welcome the Spring season, and to discover more about the butterfly’s place in the great web of life. Learn about its life cycle from a tiny egg, to caterpillar, and metamorphosis into a butterfly. Get an up-close view of its anatomy and habitat, and how it survives in the wild.  Guests can also learn about conservation efforts, while gaining an appreciation and respect for these inspiring insects. You may want to even try growing your own butterfly garden with tips and suggestions for attracting them with nectar and host plants, along with sunny conditions to lure and shelter them in your own private oasis. 


Tickets to the Butterfly Conservatory at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County will be available for purchase beginning March 15.  While there, guests are encouraged to visit the museum itself with its fantastic array of renowned exhibits that include Mammal Halls, Fossil Halls, Birds and Reptiles and Amphibians Halls, Earth and Planetary Sciences Halls, and a host of other permanent and visiting exhibitions. Children can also explore the Discovery Room that includes lots of interactive hands-on and behind-the-scenes look at science. 


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