Kauai’s Natural Splendor: A Photo Essay

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Kauai is known as the Garden Island for its lush natural beauty. There is a sweet heady fragrance to the air that inspires deep breaths in an attempt to inhale the splendor of the surroundings. Tropical plants, trees and flowers burst in vibrant colors, as birdsong fills the air.

Sweet plumeria are a common site, while hibiscus in every hue grow wild along roads, open fields, and throughout the island.

Gentle rains showers the earth like mist, and ocean breezes wash over the island where dense forests and groves are met by rolling fields carpeted in wild grasses, flowering plants and shrubs.



Shorelines and beaches are strewn with black volcanic rocks and low-growing shrubs whose bright green leaves make a stunning backdrop for the little yellow flowers popping their pretty heads on the ground-cover.

The sand is a delicious shade of raw cane sugar—golden and soft—and takes a steady beating from the rough surf crashing in frothy waves on the shore.

The sharp coral and rocks, as well as the strong currents and riptides underscore the ocean’s unbridled power.

It’s captivating to watch the waves pound the shore as they have been doing since the island was first formed millions of year ago.




Groves and dense forests grow tall with broad, flat-topped canopies filtering out the sun.

This mile-long shady tunnel of Eucalyptus trees (below) is over 100 years old.


The humid air is heavily scented of the rich earth, and is a pleasure to breathe.  Aerial roots of hala trees (below) are reminiscent of those of the mangroves.


Many of the trees cling with moss and lichen, and are draped in a glorious curtain of dodder laurel, woodrose vines spangled with yellow morning-glories, ferns and pothos vines with heart-shaped leaves.


One of the best things about the island of Kauai is its natural beauty. While some may be drawn to its activities and excursions, and others to its shops and culinary pleasures, those who prefer to lose themselves in the splendor of its wild beauty will delight in this lovely piece of paradise rising from the great Pacific Ocean.


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