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Bora Bora is one of the most beautiful places on Earth

Bora Bora is one of the most beautiful places on Earth

Bora Bora: secluded, spectacular, sublime… it has been called Heaven on Earth, the Romantic Island, the Pearl of the Pacific, and so much more. But it is not just for honeymooners. Families will be delighted to explore this year-round paradise whose average temperature (both air and water) remains pleasantly in the high 70s Fahrenheit. It is a haven that invigorates the senses and titillates the imagination.


French Polynesian Cuisine

Bora Bora Food

The food is fresh and delicious

One of the best things about visiting someplace new, is getting immersed in the culture. And food is an important part of a society’s culture. French Polynesian food blends traditional Tahitian fare with French flair. The result is a delicious fusion of fresh fish, seafood, meats and vegetables prepared with fruit emulsions that lend a tasty tanginess to things like mahi-mahi, snapper, sautéed prawns, poultry and roasted pork. A variety of pastas and risottos are usually available as well, since Asian and Italian influences are also found in the local cuisine.

Bora Bora Deserts

The island’s vanilla and coconut are infused into local desserts

Their raw fish delicacy poisson cru (also locally known as ota ika) is marinated in lime and coconut with diced vegetables, which is very customary in the Tahitian islands and not to be missed. Many of the sauces feature hints of vanilla, coconut and banana, as do the enticing deserts which are inspired by the island’s flora.

Even the finicky tastes of children are met by the simple kids’ menus featuring fresh meals made with little eaters in mind. Things like chicken, pasta, rice, fruit and vegetables, crispy pizza, and fish and chips.


Accommodations & Activities

Bora Bora Bungalows

The over-water bungalows are spectacular

Bora Bora is known for its alluring accommodations that include the dreamy over-water bungalows set right above the lagoon, villas spread out along the beach, or cottages nestled into the verdant hillsides. A variety of options for budget-minded travelers and luxury seekers abound. Unlike those imposing high-rise hotels that dominate the landscape, the rustic thatched-roofed villas blend unobtrusively in the island setting with an understated elegance. They are discreetly luxurious down to the gleaming marble tiles, plush beds and linens, hardwood floors, wood-paneled walls, and an array of modern amenities like televisions and internet access that blend all the comforts of home with an appealing Polynesian South Pacific décor. Pensions and family run guest homes in the style of a bed-and-breakfast inn are also available throughout Bora Bora.

Bora Bora Resort

The vistas are gorgeous

Contrary to the many large, crowded resorts and tourist meccas around the world that have become so commercialized, Bora Bora retains that primitive feel that makes it so attractive to visitors. This is not a place for those in search of a thrumming nightlife that blares loudly with human activity and entertainment. It is a place to disconnect from the harried momentum of life, and enjoy the basic elements in all their natural wonder, without the Xbox, noisy video games, blaring televisions and digital devices.

Bora Bora White Sandy Beach

Secluded white sand beaches await by the lagoon

The pace here is slow, the breeze is constant, the stars are bright in the night sky, and the quiet hush lulls one into a spiritual sense of well-being with the ebb and flow of the undulating tide’s hypnotic rhythm. Only the occasional strum of a ukulele, or the tempo of a low beating drum sounding in the distance add to the primitive feel of this South Pacific retreat.

Bora Bora Resort Pool

Resorts blend beautifully with the island

Most of the resorts on Bora Bora offer a swimming pool, internet access, one or more dining options, and non-motorized water sports like snorkeling, paddle boarding and kayaking. Many also have a modest fitness center, a boutique or gift shop, and a spa. But keep in mind that an island escape to a place like Bora Bora, is just that: an escape. It is quiet and peaceful, without the hustle and bustle of larger resorts. Most guests enjoy soaking up the sun on the beach, by the pool, or on the private deck of their bungalow. Others prefer strolling on the beach, going for a swim, or exploring the shimmering water of the gorgeous lagoon, which is always warm, inviting and amazingly clear.



Bora Bora Islets

There are lots of uninhabited islets waiting to be explored

Some of the popular excursions that can be arranged include shark and ray feedings, submarine reef tours, hiking tours, jeep tours of the main island’s interior jungle, jet ski rentals, fishing expeditions, scuba diving, and private picnics on a secluded motu islet where guests can enjoy the tranquility and thrill of discovering a small deserted island for themselves.

Bora Bora Bloody Mary's

Bloody Mary’s is one of the popular restaurants in town

The main island of Bora Bora is accessible by a short water taxi ride from all the surrounding motu and has great sightseeing opportunities in the town. History lovers will enjoy visiting the World War II relics and memorabilia of the American military base that maintained artillery guns in defense of a possible attack at the time.

Visitors can also go shopping for black pearls and other island souvenirs, as well as visit a variety of restaurants for a bite to eat including the popular Bloody Mary’s known for its delicious selection of food and beverages, and long list of celebrity guests that have visited and dined there over the years.


Tips for Parents

Air Tahiti Nui

Air Tahiti Nui is French Polynesia’s airline

Let’s face it: Bora Bora is expensive. And unless money is no object, a Tahitian escape requires some budgeting and planning. Visitors first fly to Papeete in Tahiti before venturing off to the surrounding islands and their motu. But there are special offers for families that make this piece of paradise more affordable. Air Tahiti Nui sometimes lures families with airfare deals, such as kids eleven years of age and younger fly free with every adult ticket purchased. This means that a family of four whose two children are under twelve, can fly for the price of two tickets. It’s an offer you cannot refuse, and worth looking into ahead of time so that an opportunity like this is not missed.

Many of the resorts also offer meal plans where children can eat for free with paying adults, as well as meal-inclusive accommodation packages. It keeps the overall price of paradise more accessible to mortals venturing from across the vast Pacific Ocean.

Bora Bora Lagoon

From everywhere on the island, the surrounding lagoon beckons

Bora Bora is remote in every sense of the word. It is best to pack essentials like sunblock, medicines, bug repellant and toiletry items to keep from having to scramble and purchase these things which can be very expensive on the island. Better to bring your own items where possible, including an assortment of snacks that can be kept in the room. The main town does have an affordable market where guests can stock up on food, beverages, and other necessities to tide little ones over between meals, though a water taxi must be taken into the town and back. But the irresistible French baguette bread that is baked fresh daily there makes it very worthwhile.

Bora Bora South Pacific Palm Trees

A piece of paradise in the South Pacific

Your children will not be plugged into electronic devices here. They will not play video games or gape at the television. But they will go searching for the hermit crabs that scurry along the white sands. They will chase after geckos in the dappled shade of the palm trees, they will build sandcastles and sea forts, splash through the blue waters of the lagoon, count all the fish they see, smell the flowers whose fragrance fills the air, climb some of the low branches of trees, collect coconuts from the beach, swing on hammocks, feed the fish off a deck, and simply stretch their limbs and imaginations with wonder and enthusiasm as children are meant to do in the freedom of this sanctuary.

This Pearl of the Pacific is everything an exotic island getaway should be, and the kind of place that haunts the imagination long after visiting.

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