4 Essential Smartphone Apps for Families with Kids in Tow

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The right travel Smartphone apps are sure to make your vacation more pleasant

Mobile technology and its subsequent and scalable apps continue to revolutionize every aspect of life, travel included. With so much to see and so little time, these following travel apps help with everything from tracking down wayward Wi-Fi to uncovering the hidden gems of foreign countries. Families with kids in tow and tech-savvy travelers, take advantage of these four apps to satiate your wanderlust.

The Hartford Mobile App

Customer or not, this app from auto insurer Hartford Financial Services Group offers useful features for vehicle insurance customers. Drivers must adhere to Murphy’s Law and prepare for the worst when taking a cross country road trip. In the unfortunate case of an accident, drivers can access an accident checklist to review the necessary steps, collect and exchange driver info including snapshots of the crash and even request assistance through roadside services. Customers of the Hartford can quickly connect to Claims Services to report an accident. The Hartford Mobile App provides resources for after the crash as well: effortlessly locate an auto repair facility from approved shops, search for an inexpensive replacement vehicle and seek repairs for a cracked windshield. This app can come in handy when you’re miles from home and need to get back on the road safely and ASAP.


FlightTrack’s aerial app aims to reduce the high stress of flight and airport traversal. It covers more than 1,400 airlines and 3,000 airports, allowing you to manage the multitude of information necessary for a smooth trip. Real-time updates of global flights is effective when waiting for your delayed flight. Delays, gate locations and cancellations—all the flight info you need is right at your fingertips. FlightTrack Pro’s additional terminal maps, alerts, TripIt integration, airport weather forecasts and FAA delay notices is well worth the asking price of $9.98.

Lonely Planet

The solo traveler’s bible, this popular guidebook has relegated its print version in lieu of this ultimate traveling app. A country’s top destinations are flagged on the map—simply tap where you want to go and that city’s guide unfurls. All locales are accompanied by a detailed description and basic site information (address, contact info, hours, offline map). The maps and text are available offline as well, if you prefer to traverse the road less traveled (i.e. outside of a cell phone tower’s range). Lonely Planet even provides audio phrase books for easier communication with locals and audio walking tours of Paris and London that guide you through popular attractions.


Search for more than half a million Wi-Fi spots in 144 countries with Wi-Finder. Upon downloading the 38MB offline database, this free app can find Wi-Fi locations without using Wi-Fi. Enter your geographic information (country, region, city) and optional ZIP code. The app displays a map displaying free Wi-Fi in green and paid locations in blue. Search results also shows the provider and type of location such as hotels and restaurants. Even more helpful, Wi-Finder reveals step-by-step directions and distance if location services are functional. Since you can’t carry a printer with you while traveling (not yet), HP ePrint stations are shown for on-the-go printing.

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