First Impressions do matter – Super 8 Butler Pennsylvania

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Super 8 Butler Pa Pennsylvania

My husband and I were driving thru the area on our way back home, and we typically stay with super 8 because we like the hotel chain and have always had a good experience, Until walked into Super 8 in Butler, Pa.  The desk clerk was a sort woman with glasses whom was the rudest person I have ever met in my life. I asked her basic questions such as, What is your room rate? When is check out? Do you have a continental breakfast? And do you have non-smoking rooms? You would have thought I asked this woman to perform a circus stunt. She told me she didn’t have time to answer my ridiculous questions that she had other things to do. I thought my questions were typical due to the fact that they determined what type of room we wanted except for the breakfast part. But I guess sitting in a chair and talking to the gentleman I’m assuming her husband that was standing to her right hand side (my Left) behind the counter in the doorway of a small room behind the counter was more important then attending to her customer. And when I was asking questions the tall skinny gentleman started to answer my questions for me before she even did. So unfortunately we will 100% not be booking a hotel stay with this establishment due to the desk clerk being so rude and ignorant.

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