Get Your Family Through the Airport With These Five Tips

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Airport Travel with Kids

Get your kids involved by assigning them certain responsibilities

Between early morning wake-ups, multiple suitcases, bickering siblings and crying toddlers, family trips through the airport can be enough to make parents wonder why they decided to travel in the first place.

Unfortunately, some aspects of airport travel — like surprise pat downs and flight delays — are completely out of your hands. However, if you make a few changes in areas you can control, you’ll be able to get your family through the airport with these five tips.

Double-Check Your Reservations a Few Days in Advance

Something as simple as putting the wrong flight time in your planner could result in a missed flight or a few extra hours at the airport. In addition to making sure you have the correct flight time, Melanie Pinola at Lifehacker suggests confirming any reservations with your hotel and car rental service. It’s rare, but sometimes reservations can be lost or services can be overbooked. In either case, you’ll want to be prepared.

Don’t Let Them Log On

No matter how badly your teens and tweens want to send an email or check Facebook, enforce a no-Internet rule for the whole family. Staying offline while you make your way through the airport will keep everyone alert and undistracted. Taking this small step will also keep your family safe from stolen information and identities, as airport Wi-Fi connections are notoriously insecure. Many have taken the step in approaching companies like Lifelock to ensure they get notified of any discrepancies. This could prove as a great investment if you anticipate having to log on to unfamiliar networks later on in your trip. Travel and identity theft go hand in hand and receiving immediate notification of compromised security could really come in handy when preventing a trip from going sour.

Eliminate Extra Tasks

Avoid standing in line for food or weaving through the aisles of crowded gift shops by packing all your airport entertainment and snacks before you leave home. Granola bars and trail mix make great travel food because they’re healthy, filling and portable. By the same token, choosing books and magazines well before you get to the overpriced airport stores will save you money, time and the stress of having to make last-minute decisions. To eliminate one more step, print all of your boarding passes at home.

Carry On All of Your Family Valuables

Caroline Morse of Smartertravel warns that if an item in your checked luggage is damaged or goes missing, airlines won’t offer any reimbursement. Pack any valuables in your carry-on luggage and don’t just consider your high-priced items. If your daughter loses her diary or your son’s favorite stuffed animal disappears, it could put a damper on the whole trip. Keep all your valuables — whether expensive or sentimental — with you at all times.

Give the Kids Their Own Tasks

Let yourself have a break by giving your younger child the responsibility of regularly counting everyone’s bags to make sure nothing has been left behind. Assign an older child the task of finding your gate on the map and locating a bathroom stop on the way. Allowing your kids to take responsibility for simpler tasks will not only give them a sense of control, but it will keep them occupied and leave you with fewer things to worry about.

Going through the airport with your family can quickly turn into a train wreck — but only if you’re unprepared. If you make a few arrangements at home, take steps to safeguard your valuables and keep your kids engaged, you’ll find that your airport experience will be much less stressful for the entire family.

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