Small town charm and hospitality

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My father was born in a small home still standing on old HWY 66 in Natfield, Indiana.  He was delivered by Doc Rhodes, who was the town doctor when doctors still made housecalls. 

Hatfield has always appeared to me a small country town where people still look out for their neighbors and welcome visitors.  My grandparents George and Erma Burlhart lived in a home near the heart of the town for over 80 years.  My grandfather worked at the traction car mechanics garage when their was still a traction train that went between Evansville and Rockport, Indiana, when the automobile was still a rare thing.  The traction line was discontinued when the automobile became a common possession.

The town is like many in rural America, where children used to drag outhouses up to the town square on Halloween, and the participants considered this quite an entertaining endeavor.

My grandparents ran an ice house to service home iceboxes, and later boaters on the way to Boonvile Boat Club on the Ohio River.  The home they lived in was the same building they met in when the building was a church.  They later bought the building for their home and ived in it for over 60 years.

Visit Hatfield, Indiana for a taste of true Hoosier hospitality.

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