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Jocelyn Murray May 2, 2012 No Comments

TACA Regional Airplane

TACA's friendly personnel and courteous service make this airline exemplary

Chivalry is dead. These three words have been heard time and again as our society seems to have slipped into a certain apathy regarding basic manners and courtesy. Unfortunately, this indifference has permeated so many service sectors including airlines. Many airlines these days have cut back on perks, increased restrictions and lowered their overall standards when it comes to basic service. One feels much like cattle being shuffled about, told what to do or not to do, and tossed a bag of nuts nonchalantly – if they have not run out of them, that is, as they often do.


TACA Regional Airplane Inside

How nice to fly with an airline that provides gracious hospitality - something lacking by many others

In this day and age where courtesy and basic manners seem like vintage qualities from a long lost era, TACA Airlines has proved otherwise, time and again.  Having flown with them several times, I was pleasantly surprised that there were no delays. They are sticklers for being on time, something that other airlines are notoriously lacking.  This is a great relief, especially when connecting flights are involved. And with every flight, even the short ones that last about an hour, a snack and beverage are served. And believe it or not, there is plenty for everyone on board.


But what makes TACA Airlines truly rise far above its competition is the service of its staff. In other words, good old fashioned manners. Things like “welcome aboard” and “we wish you a very pleasant flight” and “please” and “thank you” and “would you be so kind as to buckle your seat-belt.” The list goes on and on. Always with a sincere smile and gracious demeanor. And if for whatever reason they do not have a particular requested beverage or item on hand, every effort is made to find it, including going to business class to see if more is available. Never are the passengers made to feel like so many cattle.


TACA Airlines

All of their flights are consistently on time and respectful

Too often other flight personnel make passengers feel as though they are a burden to the crew. The staff wears their tired and exasperated expressions, making one feel as though they are doing you a great favor just by flying with them. How refreshing to be treated respectfully and like a human being by TACA. Theirs is the kind of service that elevates dignity to its rightful place. There is a reason why it has consistently received positive reviews. Stellar service deserves recognition, and theirs is an example to emulate. Chivalry lives and prospers with TACA. I only wish they flew to more destinations in the USA because they would be my personal choice for all my travel needs. Bravo, TACA Airlines.

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