Infinity Bay Spa & Beach Resort – Roatan, Bay Islands

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arial view of infinity bay

Arial view of Infinity Bay Spa & Beach Resort in West Bay, Roatan

Located on one of the best beaches on the island of Roatan in the Bay Islands of the Western Caribbean just east of Honduras, Infinity Bay Spa & Beach Resort is a gorgeous place for families looking for a tropical paradise vacation. The white sandy beaches and warm jewel-toned waters of the Caribbean are perfect for swimming, snorkeling or just soaking up the sun like an iguana.


Accommodations & Location

hotel suite view

The suites come with spacious kitchens, living rooms and verandas

The resort includes 115 spacious air-conditioned fully furnished 1, 2 and 3 bedroom condos and studio suites with large verandas that make the most of the breathtaking views. Amenities include free broadband internet connection, flat screen TV, and stainless steel appliances like the refrigerator, microwave, stove and dishwasher. This is luxury at its finest with native Honduran mahogany cabinets, granite counters and travertine tile floors.  And best of all, it is comfortable and convenient for families who want to feel at home while away from home.

hotel bedroom

The plantation-themed island decor is handsomely appointed and comfortable

The resort sits right on the beach with a huge infinity pool that has three waterfalls and a bridge with manicured landscaping that blends invitingly with the lush surroundings. The pool has a maximum depth of about 4 feet. It also has a swim-up palapa bar that makes delicious tropical drinks to cool you off under the hot sun. Currently there is one onsite restaurant with relaxed, casual dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner that is kid-friendly. It is located right on the beach by the pool under a large palapa where the tables and chairs are set on the soft sand. How nice to sink your toes in the powdery sand while sipping a pina colada or eating fresh fish.

infinity bay pool view

The warm pool is an oasis in itself

Soon to open in 2012 is a new state-of-the-art spa and fitness center with indoor restaurant that will complete this resort’s fantastic amenities. Water taxis are available right in front of the resort on the beach, waiting to take guests to the West End area where shops, restaurants and other sightseeing await.

The long stretch of white sandy beach has several open air restaurants for casual dining that offer fresh locally caught and grown island cuisine. Occasionally venders walk the shores selling their wares to tourists and can include items such as handmade jewelry, to beautiful conch shells, mahogany objects like bowls, boxes and decorative articles, sarongs and dresses, sunglasses, ice cream and more. Most evenings a man strolls along the beach selling warm, fresh-baked banana donuts. What a delicious treat! These soft sugar-coated delights taste just like sugar donuts with a hint of banana. Yummy!


Activities & Recreation

infinity bay snorkeling

The clear water and coral reef make for fantastic snorkeling

Some of the island’s best snorkeling is found right in front of the hotel with its variety of fish gliding through the coral reef. This reef also happens to be the second largest in the world, after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. It is the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, and draws diving enthusiasts from far and wide who enjoy exploring its natural treasures.

infinity bay aqua park

This floating water park is great fun

An inflatable water playground – called an AquaGlide waterpark – floats on the sea in front of the hotel, for guests to pay and then play on the slides, trampoline and obstacle course structure that sits like an island off the shore.

For those who like to do a bit of everything or nothing at all, this is the place to be.  Any island activity can be arranged through the hotel, from diving and snorkeling, to nature and zip-lining tours, to water sports like kayaking, paddle-boarding, parasailing, or exciting banana boat rides, to just relaxing under a beach or poolside umbrella or lounging with a good book under the brilliant Caribbean sun.

Below are a few recommended activities that we did:


Roatan Butterfly Garden

butterfly garden toucan

This gorgeous toucan lives at the Butterfly Garden

One of the local activities worth doing in nearby West End is visiting the Roatan Butterfuly Garden. This lovely place offers lush walking tours of the tropical birds, exotic plants and colorful butterflies that live there. The shaded pathways have benches for pausing to relax and are cool and comfortable. We saw several varieties of toucans, amazon parrots, conures, macaws, other parrots, hummingbirds, lizards, and even agouti and white-tailed deer – which is the Honduran national deer.

butterfly garden butterlies

Delicate winged jewels of nature…

The butterflies are in a protected pavilion and amazing to observe. Some live as little as a few days after emerging from their chrysalises, while others live up to a few weeks. Monarch butterflies have the longest survival rate at about eight months. Feeding on milkweed makes the monarch bitter-tasting and acts as a natural defense against would-be predators, thus ensuring their longevity.

This garden also afforded a close-up encounter with some of the island’s lush vegetation. We saw almond, cashew and fig trees, tamarind, mango and avocado trees, oleander and crab apple trees, bread fruit trees with their moss-covered trunks, coconut trees, assorted palm trees, eucalyptus trees, and colorful flowers galore. This is a place that conjures images of the biblical  Garden of Eden in all its glory.

For more information on this activity visit


Gumbalimba Park

gumbalimba stone bridge

Meandering paths over cool streams, lush vegetation and tropical wildlife give guests a taste of Roatan’s natural splendor

Gumbalimba Park is a lush rain forest in the jungles of West Bay, Roatan. In addition to zip-lining tours through the verdant canopy, a beach and an onsite swimming pool, the animal sanctuary has many species of parrots and friendly inquisitive white-faced capuchin monkeys that interact with the guests. A pirate museum captivates visitors with the history of the island’s buccaneering days as well. This park is a must-see in Roatan.

Read a detailed account about our experience at this exotic park by visiting: Gumbalimba Park – Roatan, Bay Islands


SNUBA Diving

infinity bay SNUBA diving

SNUBA diving is another exciting activity

Another fun activity great for school-aged children and adults is SNUBA diving. This is similar to SCUBA diving but the air tank remains on a raft, with a long breathing tube attached to it that stretches about 25 feet. No need for any certification or handling of the air tanks, so it’s easy and liberating. What a wonderful way to explore the water world while breathing! My eight year old son loved this and wanted to go again. Clint Roberts was a wonderful guide and made the whole experience easy, safe and very enjoyable.  He also offers clear bottom kayaking, motorized kayaks, sea trekking, and other tours among the exciting things to do. For more information visit


Dolphin Encounter

infinity bay dolphin encounter

One learns so much and gains a deeper appreciation for these amazing creatures at the Dolphin Encounter

Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins are amazing animals and wonderful to watch. And a great place to get up close and personal with these beautiful creatures is at Anthony’s Key Resort through the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences. Their Dolphin Beach Encounter gives guests the opportunity to learn and interact with the dolphins, even touching and playing with them.  Other dolphin encounter programs are also offered, such as the Dolphin Dive and Dolphin Snorkel. This is a great learning experience that helps children and adults gain tremendous insight and appreciation for these sleek, majestic animals. For more information on this and other dolphin activities visit


Tips for Parents

infinity bay sunset

A late afternoon sun ignites a passionate sky

Because Roatan is a tropical island averaging 77-84 degrees Fahrenheit year-round, make sure to bring plenty of sunblock – the higher the SPF the better. Swim shirts are also recommended to protect against sunburn. Another suggestion is insect repellant because when the sun sets, those biting bugs awaken with an appetite. A little bug spray goes a long way in warding off bites and keeping you comfortable.

Try to pack any medicines you may require because there aren’t many places to shop. Include such things as pain relievers (Tylenol, ibuprofen), stomach or digestion remedies like Pepto Bismol, itch and burn relief lotion, etc. The old “ounce of prevention” adage applies well here, and saves unnecessary worry and time-wasting. Come to paradise, but come prepared.

For more information on this fantastic resort visit

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