Hotel in Enid Oklahoma – Rats and Roaches on the property.

Catasha Harris (Visitor Review) February 15, 2012 No Comments


This is by far the WORST hotel service I have ever received. I booked and paid for 2 nights up front. I was awakened at 5:45am by a loud rustling noise. I first look out the corner of my eye and there is a HUGE roach in the bed with me! I still hear the rustling and turn on the bathroom light and a rat ran from the bathtub, behind the door, against the floor boards and ran under the bed! The hotel refused to refund my money and i had to pay for the exact same night at the Super 8 down the street. The woman at the front desk was horribly rude like it was something wrong with me not wanting to sleep in the room with rat. I reported the hotel to Vantage, the Oklahoma County Health Dept, The Garfield County Health Dept and the BBB. The manager called me back PISSED after Vantage forwarded him my complaint but he still refused to refund my money. He told me and I quote “We don’t have rats, we had a guest.” Like the rat paid for the room! I assure you, you can find a better hotel for the exact same price and if you have any problems, the staff is NOT pleasant to deal with.

The roach I captured....

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