Splendid Spooky Spiders at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

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spider pavilion sign

Come see splended spooky spiders at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Just in time for Halloween, spinning webs that must be seen, they gather there just like a coven, knitting silk intricately woven…

The splendid spooky spiders are back at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County! For a limited time (now through November 6), this special exhibit features a walk-through pavilion where spiders spin their exquisite webs among lush landscaping.

Spider pavilion Los Angeles - orb spider

A beautiful orb spider in the Spider Pavilion

These free-range spiders are captivating with their various sizes, shapes, colors and webs. Knowledgeable staff members are ready to guide visitors through this safe and exciting environment where you will learn wonderful and amazing facts about these often feared creatures.

Spider pavilion Los Angeles - family

Mingle with the spiders in the free-range pavilion

The pavilion’s programming area also has fantastic displays and cases with live and rare spider specimens and information about these fascinating animals.

Los Angeles Spider Pavilion - orb spiders

See spiders of many colors and sizes

See a variety of local and exotic spider species from common orb weavers native to Los Angeles, to the Golden silk spider indigenous to the Gulf States which can weave webs up to three feet across. There are also the shier Jewel garden spiders who ensconce themselves in a silky haven near their webs, only emerging to grasp at prey caught in their webs. The Giant wood spider is the largest of the orb weavers in the world, spinning webs up to ten feet in diameter with an incredibly strong silk fiber.

Spider pavilion Natural History Museum Los Angeles

The spiders are as safe as they are fascinating

Parents and children alike will take comfort in knowing that these spiders are completely safe, even if touched. They sit quietly in their webs minding their own business while giving onlookers a close-up glimpse of their intriguing beauty.

The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County is located at 900 Exposition Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90007.  As of 2011, adult admission is $12, children ages 5-12 are $5, and children 4 and under are free.  Ask about their special rates for seniors and college students. For more information on this wonderful special exhibit call the museum at 213-763-3466 or visit their spider exhibit website at www.nhm.org/site/explore-exhibits/special-exhibits/spider-pavilion.

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