Not at AmericInn, Stilwell, OK

Roger (Visitor Review) October 5, 2011 No Comments


I have been a regular visitor to the Stilwell, OK area for a good many years.  I was delighted after several years when the facilities that are listed on the web as an AmericInn was built, providing more pleasant accommodations for my wife and I.  However, it is with a great deal of sadness that I withdraw any recommendation for the facility, which has very recently become known as the Regency Inn.

During the past four years, the condition of facility has been visible deteriorated, and quite frankly, the past two visits that I have made to this facility have been extremely disappointing, as well as frustrating.  I usually spend between 5 and 10 days in the facility.  Again this fall, the service had clearly diminished with even the internet and television not working in my room that is situated within 40 feet of the front desk. On a scale of 1-20, I rate this facitlity as a 2.

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