Lakeside Terrace Christmas Valley Oregon – rest to weary travelers

Richard Will (Visitor Review) October 5, 2011 No Comments


Our first stop was Lakeside Terrace Motel in Christmas Valley Oregon. Very clean. The facilities were very acceptable for the price paid, (about 60 for  a family of five). The beds were comfy. We woke up in the morning and the kids loved feeding all the cheetos and doritos to the gaggle of geese and ducks that swarm the door looking for handouts. If it wasn’t a medium sized man made lake, it would feel a lot like a cabin at the coast… we’ll definately be back especially for the price.

Then off to the Cheveron gas station, where we found prompt service, charismatic cashiers, and some blessed little old ladies raising money for their church with delicious treats.

Not many people in town. Some very polite locals, farmers, and some out of town hunters.

I want to go back again sometime!

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