Crest Inn Suites New York Catches Unsuspecting Victims

Chris Robbins (Visitor Review) August 29, 2011 No Comments


We did not look up this motel on any web sites, as we were stopping along Rt. 9 when our car needed service and we didn’t want to drive 2 hours home late at night. If we had looked it up, we would have found plenty of horror stories, including one party who paid for 6 weeks and was only able to stay for 3, but didn’t get a refund. We paid with a debit card (big mistake), but when we looked at the room we found the heat on full blast on a hot August night; no bottom sheet, no soap, window fell out when we tried to open it. We went back to the office and said we weren’t staying. They didn’t seem to know how to refund our money, but said they would do it the next day. We left and stayed elsewhere. Three weeks and several excuses later, my husband was in the area and stopped by. They acted insulted and told him to get out, but still no refund. Don’t stay here.

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