Polliwog Park in Manhattan Beach

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Manhattan Beach Polliwog Park Lake

Polliwog Park at 1600 Manhattan Beach Boulevard

I just played Frisbee golf here at Polliwog Park in Manhattan Beach California.  It’s a giant park spanning about 18 acres, and it’s located right off of Manhattan Beach Blvd next door to the Manhattan Beach Middle School.  I parked at the school, but there was also plenty of parking on the street. Fridays I usually play hookie from work (I’m self employed) and meet two of my friends at the Alondra Golf Course in Lawndale, but the greens were all under construction today. We left the course and were very disappointed when we failed to get a decent tee time at the Marriott Manhattan Beach Golf Course on Rosecrans, and then again at the The Lakes Golf Course in El Segundo.  We were bound and determined to play Golf, and with time running out and few options left, we decided to stop at Dick’s Sporting goods on PCH to pickup some frisbees on our way to Polliwog Park for frisbee golf!   

Manhattan Beach Polliwog Park Jungle GymI’d never been to the Polliwog Park so I was amazed that they actually had a nine hole frisbee golf course complete with the nine baskets (instead of holes), and the nine posts that marked each tee off location. Really cool! While traversing the course I noticed several wonderful areas that are perfect for children. Children of all ages were scattered all over the park. Some were gathered together in picnic areas with their families, while others were running up and down the wide open fields of grass and trees. I even saw several kids climbing trees. There were two large and colorful jungle gym areas specifically for kids on opposite ends of the park. Each was a colorful oasis of slides, monkey bars, bridges and things for them to climb and play, and they were crawling with children!  The play area is either coated in rubber or filled with rubber tire shavings making it a very safe place for kids to play.  

Polliwog park jungle gym for kids

Manhattan Beach Polliwog park jungle gym for kids

Manhattan Beach Polliwog park working out equipment

Polliwog park working out equipment. The ground is made up of rubber tire shavings

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