Casa Marilu Puerto Vallarta Mexico

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Casa Marilu Infinity Pool Puerto Vallarta

Infinity pool view above the sea

In October 2002, we spent a glorious 5 days in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This was the first time we avoided hotels and opted for renting a luxury home with a staff that included butler and chef services. Our daughter, and only child at the time, was 7 months. We traveled and stayed with my parents, my brother and his wife, and my sister and her husband.

As parents with children know, the younger the child, the more gear one needs for them. With this in mind, we packed our megasaucer, playpen (pack n play), stroller, car seat, and a large assortment of baby food, formula, diapering supplies, and medications. When going through customs at the Puerto Vallarta International Airport we were lucky to have a “green light” and were ushered through without the need for the customs agents to go through all our baggage – opening each piece at a time.

We had made prior arrangements for transportation, and a driver waited for us by the baggage claim to take us to the house where we would stay. The drive was a smooth, air conditioned and pleasant 40 minutes or so to a lovely and rather private part of the coastal town.

Puerto Vallarta Casa Marilu Infinity Pool and Ocean

Puerto Vallarta Casa Marilu infinity pool and ocean

The house itself was 5 star caliber, designed by an architect with attention to detail. It was situated at the top of a cliff that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. I remember walking into that house when we first arrived and feeling overjoyed by the expansive view of the sea from the living areas. The open floor plan and windowed walls brought the sea into the living spaces. There is an infinity pool at the edge of the property. Sitting there, one looks out at the ocean and feels one with it. It was absolutely breathtaking.

Although the house itself is not exactly child safe, our baby was too young to crawl, making it safe regardless of the open stone steps on the staircase with the wrought-iron banister, as well as the numerous artistic decorations gracing the tables and floor that would have proved irresistibly tempting to a toddler or small child. Our daughter would play in her megasaucer while we sipped margaritas and enjoyed the view.

Puerto Vallarta Casa Marilu Daughter in Megasaucer

My daughter in her megasaucer overlooking the beach

Each morning, the couple who looked after the home, would prepare the day’s menu with our approval, and then go shopping for the needed items. Mealtimes were a sumptuous affair, where we would gather around the large formal dining table to enjoy a hearty breakfast (eggs, bacon, French toast, Mexican rolls, juice and coffee), and lunch (this was a lighter fare of salads, guacamole – the chef’s specialty – and other Mexican delights). Dinner was more formal with a glorious sunset painting of the scenic view from where we sat. Fish, poultry or beef were our menu choices for those meals, along with a traditional Mexican dessert or simple scoop of refreshing ice cream.

We hardly left the house at all, except once or twice to venture down a path that led to the sea, where we would brave the waves of the Pacific Ocean. The days were carefree and idyllic, with nothing to do but relax, nap, soak, swim and eat in the opulence of that stunning vista. Perhaps someday we will return, as that glorious vista calls to me in my mind.

View from our room Puerto Vallarta Casa Marilu

All the views are stunning from this luxury beach house

Downstairs Living Room Puerto Vallarta Casa Marilu

Downstairs living room Puerto Vallarta Casa Marilu

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