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Ergo Baby CarrierSo many people have asked me if I like my Ergo Baby baby carrier.  My answer is always an emphatic YES!  My only regret is not finding one sooner for my son, Christian.  I really didn’t discover it until my son was a few months old. 

Initially I saw one of the moms in my Mommy & Me class wearing one.  I remember thinking how comfortable it looked compared to other baby carriers.  I had a Baby Bjorn with the back support (as suggested by my friends who also have children).  I hadn’t tried the Baby Bjorn yet because Christian still couldn’t support his head and I thought he was way too little to be in it.  So, when I saw another mom wearing a baby carrier that I’d never seen before, I was curious.  I approached her to get the name, Ergo Baby baby carrier.  At the time, I hadn’t asked her where she got it, but I wanted to know how to get one and how much they cost. 

Before I officially looked for one, I went shopping at a local shop here in Redondo Beach, CA for new moms called Bright Beginnings & Beyond.  Even though it’s a boutique in the Riviera Village in South Redondo Beach, they have an excellent selection of toys, gear for newborns, clothes, maternity items and much more.  I had been in there quite a bit since I gave birth and completely overlooked that they carried the Ergo Baby baby carrier.  I was eager to buy one, but then noticed the price which wasn’t cheap.  If you include the Newborn insert, which you need with a small baby, I was probably looking at spending close to $175.  I’m pretty sure that didn’t even include tax which is an additional 10% in California.  After seeing it, I decided I wanted one, but couldn’t really justify spending that much money on a carrier after I already had an expensive Baby Bjorn. 

The next time I saw that mom in class, I was eager to ask her where she bought hers.  She then told me she got hers on  After pricing it on, I found that I could be the proud new owner of an Ergo Baby baby carrier for around $150. 

Since Christian was born, I had spent many days completely occupied with him.  He always wanted to be held no matter what I was doing.  At such an early age, he pretty much slept most of the time.  So many times I’d find myself looking around the house at all of the things I could be doing while he slept on my chest.  I’m stuck on the couch and I can see the laundry needs folding, the dishes need to be done, I need to cook dinner, I need to vacuum and the list goes on.  I was too afraid to put Christian in the Baby Bjorn, so I finally decided to just spend the money and see what happens. 

After receiving it in the mail, I realized how easy it is to handle.  First, click the belt around your waist, then simply slip it on one shoulder, put in the newborn insert, hold your baby against your chest, and slip on the strap to your other shoulder.  It clicks in the back to hold both shoulder straps in place which also gives you more support.  All of the weight is at your waist and the rest is over your shoulders like a backpack.  The straps are wide and strong, unlike the Baby Bjorn.  I’ve heard many other moms say that they don’t like the Baby Bjorn because it cuts into their waist and just isn’t comfortable.  Once I have the Ergo Baby baby carrier on, I barely feel it. 

If you have a small baby, you will definitely need the Newborn insert.  This is a pad that has what looks like a small seat on the bottom to support the weight of the baby and give them a little booster in the Ergo.  The pad attached to it comes up to wrap around them and give them comfort with a little head support.  The entire carrier really envelops them and cradles them.  I imagine they feel like you’re holding them constantly, but now you’re hands free! 

I also love the fact that it has a cover that’s built in to the outside pocket.  When it’s sunny outside, or you simply want to cover their head if they are asleep, you can pull out the attached cover and snap it to the top of the straps on the shoulder.  It protects them, keeps out the sun and gives them some peace.  There is even another pocket in the front for storage. 

Ergo Baby Carrier Rear ViewUnlike the Baby Bjorn, the Ergo Baby carrier will only carry babies as they’re faced in toward you.  I personally like this because I can see my son’s face at all times and his head is protected against my chest.  I’ve heard complaints about the Baby Bjorn that when you’re walking up steps, the child’s legs are hitting yours, making it difficult to walk.  With the Ergo Baby carrier, their legs are wrapped around your body, not dangling in front of you.  It’s more comfortable for you, and your baby.

So, now that I’m totally in love with the Ergo Baby carrier, I can’t imagine using anything else.  I was able to do dishes while my son slept, clean, cook, walk around, eat, work on the computer, etc.  Even if I wasn’t doing anything special, I had the use of my hands!  I could even go to the bathroom with it on! 

My husband used it just as easily as I did and was just as comfortable.  He preferred to carry Christian on his back, but enjoyed it just as much.  It is adjustable to fit on front, back or even on the side. 

We’ve used it at the airport to board the plane and also while we’re in the seat, on long walks, in church, around the house, and while shopping.  I continue to use it now that my son is almost 11 months old.  He still fits in it and I can put him on my back for hikes or in front for shopping trips when I don’t feel like bringing a stroller.  I can’t say enough great things about it.

And, now that I’m pregnant with my second child, I know when the time comes, I will get a lot more use out of it with a newborn while tending to my toddler.

Since we bought it, I considered it well worth the $150 I spent.  It gave me a life back!

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