Vacation Flu at the Arizona Grand Resort

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Day 4 of our Arizona Grand Resort vacation 

Arizona Grand Resort

Arizona Grand Resort

About half way through our vacation at the Arizona Grand Resort, our 10 month old son Christian came down with the flu.  We were  staying in a wonderful and spacious Villa at the resort, and until that time were thoroughly enjoying our getaway. It wasn’t until a couple of days into our trip when we noticed that he had the sniffles.  It was very mild at first, and Christian was in a cheerful mood, so we weren’t very concerned.  Unfortunately as time went on his nose was running more often and his sneezing was more frequent.  It was mid August in Phoenix, so we theorized that the sharp changes in temperature between the outside heat and the inside air conditioning had taken a toll on his little body’s defenses.  His swim suit and water outfit were wet when we brought him in from our pool visits which probably made it worse.  Also, in the evenings when we returned from dinner, he was sweating while asleep in his stroller before we transferred him to his crib. 

That night our son had no trouble falling asleep, however, he did wake up crying very frequently.  Starting after midnight, he was waking up at least once every hour.  His hotel supplied pack-and-play crib was just a few feet away from my side of the bed, located inside our spacious walk in closet.  As soon as I heard him cry, I would get up and stumble over to his crib to calm him down. I always found him sitting up, or standing up and holding on to the railing.  All it took to put him back to sleep was to lay him back down, cover him with his blanket, and turn on his 45 minute sleepy sheep noisemaker.  I wish it were that easy for me to fall back asleep! 

We were very concerned the next morning because although he was in good spirits, he now had a nasty cough, and he was so congested that he could only breath through his mouth. We also took his temperature and found he had a mild fever. It was still very early in the morning, so my wife brought him in to our bed where we all cuddled for the next hour or so.  We didn’t want to take any chances so as soon as our pediatrician’s office in Los Angeles was open for business, my wife called to get advice on how to proceed. 

Our unhappy boyLater that morning my wife drove from our hotel at the Arizona Grand Resort, to Target just a few minutes away.  She had a list of things to buy including a Vicks warm mist humidifier, the Vicks Vapo Steam solution to go with it, and the children’s Triaminic cough suppressant and decongestant medication recommended by our doctor.  When she returned, Christian was in worse shape, so we tried to administer the medication.  He was crying uncontrollably and refused to take it.  We were very fortunate to have my mom and sister there to help us during this harrowing time. 

It was a joint effort, and we finally had to forcibly open his mouth while using a dropper to give him the recommended doses.  We had a fever reducer bottle handy, so we used the dropper that came with it to help administer the Triaminic.  As you can imagine, that poor boy was screaming at the top of his lungs.  It was also way past his bedtime, and with all the adrenaline rushing through his little body it was a futile effort to try and put him down to sleep in his crib.  The main problem was that he could not breath out of his nose, so giving him the pacifier was out of the question because it would further impede his ability to breath.  

In the end we got him to calm down by giving him a ride around the Villa in his stroller.  He finally fell asleep in large part because he could breath better while laying down on an incline.  We were all just relieved that he would have a short respite from his misery!  I sent my wife off to meet the rest of our family at the pool shortly after he fell asleep.  She needed a break, and I was happy to stay back and watch over our son. He did not sleep for very long, and before you knew it he was crying again.  He was inconsolable.  First I tried feeding him to no avail.  Holding him in my arms, singing lullabies,  and pacing back and forth seemed to be the only way to calm him down.  It was actually one of the few times I could hold him close to me for an extended period of time without a fight.  He’s usually very squirmy and restless whenever I try to hug him, so in a way it was a wonderful bonding experience for me.    

Later that evening we decided to head over to my sister’s large two bedroom Villa on the third floor of our building.  Christian’s fever was down, and he appeared to be feeling much better.  We all ordered food from the Roberto’s Italian room service menu.  I ordered a mushroom, ham and bell pepper pizza, and my wife ordered the spaghetti and meat balls.  I had to heat up the pizza in their villa’s range oven because it was a bit soggy and not very hot by the time it arrived.  No problem though, the oven did a fine job toasting it to my liking! After dinner my wife brought Christian back down to our Villa and put him to bed while I hung out with my brother-in-law for a little while longer.  We sat on the balcony sipping some of our favorite scotch and talked about the day’s events.  We were breaking one of the hotel rules by drinking our own supplied alcoholic beverage, but neither of us had any scruples about it because we all unanimously agree that it’s one of the most ridiculous restrictions we have ever encountered at any resort.

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