Starting the Day Golfing at the Maui Kia Kaanapali Course

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Maui Wedding Vacation in Lahaina – Day 4

Kia Kaanapali Golf Course MauiWhile most people who are still employed in the United States were at work, I was teeing off at the Kia Kaanapali Golf Course with my best friend Gabriel.  Today is Wednesday August 11th, the 4th day of our vacation in Kaanapali Maui and we are staying at the Royal Lahaina Resort. This morning while we were teeing off at our scheduled 8:38am tee time, my wife and 10 month old son Christian were walking over to the Maui Sheraton Resort to meet some friends and hang out at their pool.  I have a wonderful wife who doesn’t mind that I play golf from time to time especially considering what a handful Christian can be.

Prior to our tee time, Gabriel drove us straight to Snorkel Bob’s rentals after picking me up from our hotel.  The nearest Snorkel Bob’s location was only 10 minutes away at 180 Dickerson Street in Lahaina.  Gabriel had met the owner Doug a year ago.  He had expressed an interest in possibly buying his business, a prospect that Doug had entertained. I walked around the store and couldn’t believe how many things they had for rent.  There was everything from fishing poles and snorkeling gear, to surf boards and golf clubs.  We were of course there for the golf clubs which we rented for about $22 each.  What a bargain considering the Kia Kaanapali Golf Course wanted to charge us $50 for each set of clubs!

Kaanapali Kia Golf Course MauiThe Kia Golf Course fees were $139 per/person plus tax, and we were fortunate enough to have our rounds comped by the Marriott Vacation Club for a meeting that Gabriel attended. Before we started playing, Gabriel and I made a little wager designed to keep the game interesting.  I gave him a 1 stroke per/hole handicap and we decided lowest score would win the cost of the rental clubs (which was about $22).  For the next several holes I managed to either tie or beat Gabriel for at least one stroke even with the handicap.  It was a frustrating start for him but the breathtaking views and wonderful weather more than made up for the high scores.  On the 3rd hole I pulled out one of my Nicaraguan Perdomo cigars and fired it up with my torch lighter.   These Perdomo torpedoes are the best tasting cigars, and smoking one during a round of golf is mandatory!  I’m convinced that it actually helps my game.  That, and of course a spicy Bloody Mary, which is what I purchased from the golf cart lady that drove by when we were on the 9th hole.

Maui Sugar Cane Train Hawaii

Maui Sugar Cane Train passing through the golf course

We really enjoyed the amazing views of the ocean and the hotels that lined the Kaanapali coast.  Most of the golf course is located east of the main highway which is on an incline that rises up the mountains, so the view is spectacular.  We admired the beautiful homes throughout the course, each with its unique design and architecture. These weren’t like many golf courses I’ve played where the homes are identical in style and color.  The golf course itself was very well maintained and the surface of the greens were pristine.

We finished our 18 hole round of golf at about 12:30pm.  Gabriel dropped me off at my hotel lobby after first stopping at Snorkel Bob’s to return the golf clubs.  I was tempted to take a short nap in our cool and made up suite, but I didn’t want to miss anymore of my wife and son’s day at the Maui Sheraton pool.  I had some work related business to deal with first, but I headed straight for the Sheraton soon after.

It took me less than 10 minutes to walk from the Royal Lahaina to the Maui Sheraton.  I found everyone at the South end of the pool area and was disappointed to find Christian asleep in his stroller.  I was looking forward to taking Christian for a swim but my wife made it clear that I better not wake him prematurely.  After about 30 minutes I decided to test the waters by myself until Christian was awake.  The water temperature was a little cold for my taste.  I liked the layout quite a bit and decided to swim through the river like portion of the pool that snaked around the Cliff Dive Bar which stood in the center of the pool like an Island.  The water depth was 5 feet at its deepest level and I followed the path of the water to a fork where the river split and one path branched out towards a small waterfall. I also saw a short water slide that led to another pool farther north. 

Christian finally woke up and I had my chance to take him for a swim.  My wife and I had ordered some food and drinks from the Cliff Dive Bar before going into the pool.  We had both ordered the Mahi Sandwiches and a couple of drinks. 

Christian was in the yellow floaty we bought two days earlier at the ABC store in downtown Lahaina for only $4.  He enjoyed himself, but he had not eaten since before his nap and after a while he started to get fussy.

When we returned to our seats, the waitress had already brought our food and drinks.  It was a bit of a juggling act, but we managed to eat our food and feed little Christian his baby food at the same time.

Tonight Gina and I decided at the last minute to stay in our hotel and spend a quiet evening with our family.  Several people from the wedding were planning to get together for happy hour at the Maui Sheraton.  We were going to meet up with everyone, but we changed our minds after another long day of playing in the sun.  We love to spend time with our friends while enjoying a cold tropical drink, but we never lose sight of the true purpose of a vacation and that’s “rest and relaxation” (R&R).

After just lounging around in our spacious Royal Lahaina hotel Villa for a few hours, we wrapped up the day with a nice charming dinner for three (Christian was asleep in his stroller) at our hotel restaurant the Royal Ocean Terrace. The food, ambiance and views put us in a very relaxing mood and were the perfect end to a perfect day.

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