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Only three days left before our vacation begins in Hawaii! Our flight on United Airlines departs Los Angeles around 5pm on Sunday, arriving at the Kahului airport in Maui at 7:30pm. We are leaving a bit late in the day and it is a five and a half hour flight, so the 3 hours we gain due to the time change are welcome.

With our trip fast approaching and so much still left to do, my husband and I are starting to feel stressed. Our son is now 10 months old and things have changed a bit since our last flight to Hawaii when he was only about 4 months old. The way we prepare for a trip has changed quite a bit with each stage of our son’s growth.

We first found out about the wedding and the exact date and place about 4 months ago. My husband decided to go online right away and try to find a good package deal while the inventory was high and the pricing was still low. The wedding was being held at the Sheraton in Kaanapali Maui on the North West side of the Island, and that is where the wedding party and many of the guests were planning stay. Convenience is very important when travelling with a baby so getting a room at the same hotel was key.

Royal Lahaina Satellite Map

Maui Satellite map of Royal Lahaina Resort and Sheraton

My husband was very discouraged after searching through the Expedia and Travelocity sites. The cheapest round trip airfares were $900 per/person and they weren’t even non-stop flights! Also, the cheapest rooms we could find at the Maui Sheraton where $450 per/night making our total projected cost $5,000 for a week, and this did not include other costs like food, taxi, etc. For several weeks afterwards my husband and I discussed the possibility of not going because of the prohibitive costs. But after about 1 month of doing those initial searches, my husband went back online and found that airfare prices had dropped significantly. After further research we decided to book a package deal which included round trip flights and 1 week stay at the Royal Lahaina Resort for about $2,150. We chose the Royal Lahaina Resort because of the proximity to the Sheraton Maui Resort. My husband logged in to Google maps and viewed the satellite imagery to make sure. The two resorts are adjacent to each other and within walking distance! It was perfect, and we were very thrilled that we could join our friends on their special destination wedding.

About 2 weeks ago, I began to have anxiety about having our baby boy in a hotel room where there wasn’t a refrigerator, microwave and/or sink. How would we heat his milk? How would we refrigerate his left over milk and baby food? How do we clean his bowls, spoons and baby bottles? Not to mention leftovers from all of the amazing restaurants we’ll be visiting.

I asked my husband if he could call and request for us to have a refrigerator and microwave in our room, even if there was an added cost. He was very adamant that there was no way the hotel would provide a refrigerator much less a microwave in a standard hotel room. Together we did some brainstorming and he even suggested we buy a cooler while we are there and use the hotel’s ice machines to fill it. Although it was better than nothing, I just didn’t think that was going to work.

Ready for VacationAbout 1 week ago (just two weeks before our trip), my husband called the Royal Lahaina Resort directly and spoke with someone at the front desk named Don. He asked Don what would be involved in upgrading to a 1 bedroom suite with a kitchen. He explained our situation and Don offered us a special rate if we wanted to upgrade. The price was only about $115 more a day which still kept our overall cost with both hotel and airfare below $3,000! After upgrading I felt an immediate weight lifted off my shoulders and now I can’t wait to embark on our journey!

While we’re there we plan to stop at a grocery store and stock our kitchen with all the essentials. My entire outlook has changed! I’m more excited than before, and most importantly I’m more relaxed. I already have a good checklist of what to bring. It’s so much easier to have a kitchen when you’re at a hotel and away from home with an infant. Just thinking about trying to “make do” without one was harrowing.

Had it just been my husband and I, we would have stayed in the single room with no problem. Babies change everything! I honestly don’t think we can stay in a standard room without a kitchen again.

We were told that we should get lots of snacks for the plane ride and also some new toys Christian hasn’t seen before to occupy him. So, when we went to Babies R Us, I would pick out a small toy and let him hold it to see if it caught his interest. There was this one small stuffed animal talking Elmo toy that he loved. As soon as I gave it to him and showed him that it made noise, he smiled! So, with that in mind, I grabbed another Elmo toy that is a microphone that plays music sang in Elmo’s voice. As soon as I turned it on, he smiled again and started staring at it. Of course I bought them both! I just hope the people sitting next to us on the plane like Elmo! I’m sure they’d prefer that to Christian crying.

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