Al Fin Luxury House in Cabo

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Private Infinity Pool and Bar Al Fin Cabo

This was our private infinity pool and bar at the Al Fin house in Cabo San Lucas.

In September of 2003 our family embarked on a lavish (and I really do mean lavish) trip to Cabo San Lucas Mexico.  My resourceful and diligent brother-in-law Todd planned the whole thing from start to finish as he had done many times before.  He spent months researching family destinations in Mexico that would accommodate our large group.  It had only been about 2 years since the 9/11 attacks, and although the economy was improving there were still plenty of great deals to be found.

My wife, who was my girlfriend at the time, was really excited to go on her first trip to Cabo.   She had travelled with us before, so she was eagerly anticipating what was sure to be a memorable trip.  The 5 bedroom house we stayed at was nothing short of divine.  The name of this luxurious mansion was Casa Al Fin, which in Spanish means house “at the end” because of it’s location at the far end of the Pedregal right on the beach.  The living room opened up into a large resort like area with a terrace full of patio and lounging furniture, a ping pong table, a large infinity pool that led to a panoramic view of sand, ocean, and palm trees.  The infinity pool literally ends where the beach begins.  There was a pool side bar with a Palapa style outdoor roof.  We had private butlers waiting on us, so our refrigerators were always stocked with beer and food, and our margarita glasses were never empty!  Each day we enjoyed fresh cooked gourmet meals by our personal chef and on one occasion we hired a Mariachi band to serenade us during dinner!

Casa Al Fin Cabo San Lucas Pool

Casa Al Fin Cabo San Lucas pool

We didn’t actually see them, but we were told by our booking rep and some neighbors that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were vacationing right next door to us during our stay.  Maybe this was their last ditch effort to rekindle their relationship, but who really knows.  Their issues must have gone much deeper because I can assure you that vacationing at any one of these beach side mansions are worth at least a couple of years of marriage counseling! 

Mariachi Band Casa Al Fin Cabo

Mariachi band we hired from the wedding playing for us at dinner!

My niece was about 10 months old, so my sister Jocelyn was very happy to have us all there to help with babysitting.  Jocelyn was pregnant with her second child so she was very happy to have everyone around to lighten her burden. 

We spent most of our vacation at Casa Al Fin either in the pool or at the beach.  It felt like we were staying at our own private 5 star resort in Cabo with no other people to be seen for miles except for Saturday when we witnessed a wedding on the beach.  We were amused to see a group of people show up at the beach one morning to set up for the wedding.  We actually watched the wedding ceremony while lounging in our pool! It was a picture perfect scene with all the white chairs, flowers, portable gazebo, minister and all. 

The ocean on the Pacific side of Cabo is known to be dangerous because of rip tides and big waves, so I don’t recommend swimming there if you are not an expert.  Todd and I like to live dangerously so we spent countless hours swimming in the ocean despite the posted signs warning against it.  I love bodysurfing so I had a blast, but  there were many 6 + foot waves that were just too much to handle and diving under to avoid them was all I could do!

Casa Al Fin Private Beach Cabo

This vast stretch of secluded beach was our back yard!

Since this was my wife’s first trip to Cabo, I was determined at least one day to take her into town for some shopping.  But the most important reason was to introduce her to Nicksan, the best sushi place in the world.  I’ve known the owner for many years and whenever we sit down to eat he just starts sending us one specialty roll after another.  When we dine at Nicksan, there is no need for us to grab a menu!  The fish is caught daily just a few miles off shore!  Of course, in addition to all of those wonderful and creative sushi rolls, I always order at least one spicy tuna cut roll.  It’s truly unlike any spicy tuna roll I’ve ever had anywhere in the world.

The trip was definitely all that we expected it to be and more.  My only complaint was that there was a slow dial-up internet connection but that was in 2003, and I know that many houses in the Pedregal now have broadband connections.  The location was absolutely stellar and even suitable for a wedding!  My wife and I both had a wonderful time.  So much so that a few years later we decided to get married in Cabo (at the Dreams Resort).

Hot Tub and Infinity Pool Casa Al Fin Cabo

Different angle of the Hot Tub, Pool and ocean, what a shot!

House next door to Casa Al Fin Cabo

This is the house next door to us where I believe Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were staying

Casa Al Fin Kitchen Crew and Nanny Cabo

The Kitchen Crew and Nanny holding my niece at Casa Al Fin

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