Family Vacation in Indian Wells

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Balcony Pool View from Hyatt Indian Wells

Balcony pool view from the Hyatt Indian Wells

If you live in Southern California and need a primo vacation spot for your family that’s a short drive away, then the Hyatt Grand Champions Resort in Indian Wells is the place for you!  We were there with our entire family in late August of 2009. We rated it very high on the “kid friendly” scale and will definitely be going back every chance we get!

My wife was about 8 months pregnant with our first child, and we were travelling with my parents, my sister, her husband and their two kids. My parents were staying in a large penthouse suite overlooking the mountains, and pool.  The view from their balcony was truly breathtaking and the picture I’ve included doesn’t even do it justice!  My sister and her family were staying in a large two bedroom Villa on the other side of the resort.  Their Villa was the ultimate in luxury, with all new and stylish furniture, kitchen,  large bedrooms with flat screen TVs, as well as a large and inviting patio with built in Spa.

California Indian Wells Hyatt Patio

View from our Villa Patio

My wife and I were lucky enough to be upgraded to one of their one bedroom Villas after the maintenance people were unable to fix a problem with our air conditioning system.  We both need it to be no more than 68 degrees in order for us to have a good night sleep, and unfortunately we find that many hotels in California have a motion sensor activated air conditioning system installed.   The Hyatt’s air conditioning system was no different, and the air would shut off periodically if there wasn’t enough motion detected to keep it running.   We had the hotel maintenance person come to our room about three different times to fix the problem, and of course they failed to resolve it each time. Late in my wife’s pregnancy she found that it was more and more difficult to sleep through the night and the temperature issue became amplified as a result.  Thankfully we were rescued by a very eager to please hotel manager who agreed to upgrade us to a one bedroom villa.

Inside Hyatt Villa Indian Wells CaliforniaAfter we packed our belongings, a hotel staff member shuttled us over to the new Villa in one of their golf cart type vehicles.  Our jaws dropped with glee when we entered the Villa not only because it was nice and cool inside, but because of how plush and luxurious the place was!  The best part of it was our patio area, which had a built in Spa just like my sister’s place, and the best view on the resort!  There was a bubbling  river with rapids flowing just outside the railing in a picture perfect scene of lush green vegetation that made us want to stay there forever!  We were praising God every moment of every day after that for our good fortune.

Poolside Grand Champion Hyatt Indian Wells California

Poolside Grand Champion Hyatt Indian Wells

I should mention that there was an incident earlier that may have contributed to our good fortune.  No one was hurt, but one of the guests in the main hotel standard rooms accidently set their room’s mattress on fire.  Apparently this couple lit some candles in the room and one of the candles fell over causing their comforter to go up in flames.   The fire department arrived at the scene shortly afterwards and everyone in the building (including us) were asked to evacuate.  After the emergency was over a couple of hours later, people were allowed to return to their rooms but at least one entire floor of guests had to be relocated to other rooms resulting in a shortage of standard rooms.  This is why the hotel manager moved us to that wonderful Villa!

We had a glorious time with our family each day.  When we were not in our patio area or in the Spa, we were at the kid friendly pool area enjoying the wonderful weather and cold margaritas under a large canopy of Palm tree branches hanging high over us like a natural umbrella.   The men in our group like to smoke a good cigar on occasion, which we were happy to indulge under the approval of the hotel rules. 

California Indian Wells Hyatt SlideMy sister’s two kids absolutely loved the pool area especially since there were plenty of other kids out there to befriend.  And perhaps the biggest attraction that will keep the children begging to come back  is that giant waterslide equipped with plenty of exciting twists and turns.  There is also an adult only pool at the resort for those people travelling without kids, so it’s safe to say this resort can cater to a wide range of guests.  All in all this was a wonderful trip and the Hyatt Grand Champions Resort is now permanently on our favorites list!  The location can’t be beat between Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage.

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