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Baby Superyard CoralI can’t begin to explain how much I appreciate having the Northsate Superyard XT Coral for our son Christian. The Superyard is basically a set of gates that connect together to form an enclosure.  Think of it as a giant play pen on steroids!  I believe it’s relatively inexpesive when you consider all the wonderful benifits it provides.  It runs about $70 for the initial gate, but we ended up adding 2 different extensions at $25 each to make a larger enclosure for our 9 month old son. 

Right now we have it permanently set up in our living room, and there are a ton of Christian’s toys set up in it for him to play with whenever he wants.  We have hardwood floors, so we laied out a set of mats underneath so Christian doesn’t bump his head if he falls.  The mats fit together like a puzzle, and he loves to pull up the edges off and chew on them.  It’s like another toy for him to play with!

We first bought and set up the Superyard when Christian started crawling at around 7 months.  The goal was to give him a safe area to play.  We like to refer to it as his “happy play area”, although some of our friends have made fun of us by calling it a cage.  It’s not a cage, its a happy play area that he can roam around and call his own!

We use the Superyard all the time when traveling by car because it folds easily into one block and comes with a small handle to carry.  It’s light weight and fits easily into our trunk.  In addition to the folded up Superyard, we make sure to also bring the foam mats and a bucket of toys.  We’ve brought it several times to our sister’s house and also to our parent’s place.  We spend a good portion of our Sundays with the family and it’s very convenient to have Superyard.  Our son’s two cousins (5, and 7) also love join in and play with him and his toys.

The nice thing about this contraption is that at least for now it saves us from having to baby-proof the house.  With all the work and chores I need to do each day while taking care of Christian, I think it’s safe to say that this Superyard has saved my life!  Each morning I bring Christian downstairs so he can play in his yard after I’ve fed and changed him.  He usually wakes up around 6am, and by 7am, he’s very eager to crawl around.  I’m pregnant again and for the past month I’ve had a very bad case of morning sickness, so it really helps to be able to relax on the couch while I watch him play in his yard.  I made sure to stock his yard full of toys so he is always entertained. There’s a small cubby area in one end of the yard where we set up a few pillows and blanket for him if he wants to relax.  I’ve seen him crawl over to it several times and lay down.  Even though it’s only for a few seconds, he seems to like it.

Our son is not yet walking, but he is very close.  He’s at a stage where he can pull himself up to stand.  He even walks around while holding on to the railing.  Unfortunately, we know that his days playing in the Superyard are numbered as he is so close to walking.  We’re convinced that once he starts walking, he’ll want out of there.  At that time I’m sure he will actually think of it as a cage.  His level of sophistication is improving and each day while he’s in his Superyard he surprises us with some of his new abilities.  Of course when he gets bored or wants something he will make it very clear.  He’ll get up and hold on to the gate while yelling at us to come get him! 

Our son is still at a stage where he spits up quite frequently.  Sometimes I don’t catch it in time and before I know it, he’s rubbing his hands in it and all over himself.  We have to keep a small rag around to mop up the mess when it does happen.  The nice thing about the foam mats is that it is an easy cleanup.

I don’t know what I would do without our Super Yard!  I absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone.

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