The City of Kaycee, WY

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The city of Kaycee is located in the state of Wyoming in Johnson County and has a population of 293 as reported by the census of 2010. The largest nearby city to Kaycee is Midwest, approximately 27 miles from the city center.

There are several family restaurants in or near Kaycee, including On the Run Deli Sinclair, Whiners, Kaycee Bunkhouse and Kaycee Sinclair. For a larger selection of Kaycee restaurants select our Restaurants tab above.

Kaycee, Wyoming Climate and Weather

Current Weather in Kaycee
In the month of May, Kaycee experiences an average high temperature of 66 degrees Fahrenheit. Low temperaturs in May are usually about 38 degrees with an average rainfall of 2.56 inches.

The seasonal climate varies in Kaycee with daytime temperatures averaging 83 degrees in the summer, and 37 degrees in the winter months. Visitors can also expect Kaycee to receive an average of 0.41 inches of rainfall per/month during winter months and 1.08 inches of rainfall per/month in the summer months.

The temperature has been known to get as high as 107 degrees in the summer and as low as -45 degrees in the winter so visitors planning a vacation to Kaycee should check the weather forecast to determine proper attire prior to departure. Spring and Fall bring average daytime temperatures of 58 degrees, and nighttime lows of 29.

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Midwest, Wyoming - 27.0 miles
Powder River, Wyoming - 35.9 miles