The City of Dillingham, AK

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Dillingham is a popular city in the state of Alaska with a total of 2,481 residents living there. Dillingham is ranked as the eighteenth most populated city in Alaska and the 5340th most populated city in the United States.

The following airport is located in or near Dillingham:
- Portage Creek Airport (PCA)

Dillingham, Alaska Climate and Weather

Current Weather in Dillingham
In the month of January, Dillingham experiences an average high temperature of 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Low temperaturs in January are usually about 9 degrees with an average rainfall of 1.79 inches.

The seasonal climate varies in Dillingham with daytime temperatures averaging 57 degrees in the summer, and 21 degrees in the winter months. Visitors can also expect Dillingham to receive an average of 1.65 inches of rainfall per/month during winter months and 3.46 inches of rainfall per/month in the summer months.

The temperature has been known to get as high as 87 degrees in the summer and as low as -53 degrees in the winter so visitors planning a vacation to Dillingham should check the weather forecast to determine proper attire prior to departure. Spring and Fall bring average daytime temperatures of 38 degrees, and nighttime lows of 27.


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