The City of Barrow, AK

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Barrow is a popular city in the state of Alaska with a total of 4,091 residents living there. Barrow is ranked as the eleventh most populated city in Alaska and the 4175th most populated city in the United States.

Visitors and residents can enjoy nearby Barrow Museums, including the Inupiat Heritage Center. For a more complete list of attractions in or around the city of Barrow please click on the Attractions tab above.

The following airport is located in or near Barrow:
- Barrow Wiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial Airport (BRW)

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Barrow, Alaska Attractions

Inupiat Heritage Center  - Barrow,
The Inupiat Heritage Center is a museum in Barrow in the U.S. state of Alaska. Dedicated in February 1999, it is an affiliated area of New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park in New Bedford, Massachusetts, and recognizes the contributions of Alaska Natives to the history of whaling.
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Barrow, Alaska Hotels

Rates and Booking
Top Of The World Hotel
Top Of The World Hotel
1200 Agvik Street
Barrow, AK 99723


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Barrow, Alaska Restaurants

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Barrow, Alaska Videos

Barrow Tundra Tours

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Published: 07/29/2010

By: AlaskaChannel


Video Content:
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Barrow, America's Northernmost Town

-  5 minutes

Published: 04/18/2008

By: AlaskaChannel


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